P.I.D. Radio 7/22/23: Judicial Coup in Israel


PROTESTERS MARCHED in the streets of Israel again this week, protesting the judicial reform bill being pushed through the Knesset by a conservative coalition led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud party. 

What most outsiders don’t understand is that secularists in Israel orchestrated what amounts to a coup through the court system years ago, when the growing influence of religious Jews became obvious. In a piece published this week by the Jewish Press, journalist David Israel recalled a remarkable 2016 interview with MK Israel Yitzhak Eichler of the United Torah Judaism party that explains what’s happening: 

“I complained once to a former justice minister about the activism of the courts, who were intervening in legislation without the authority to do it, disregarding the separation of powers. So he told me, ‘Listen, forget this nonsense. When we realized that [religious Jewish parties] are getting stronger, we realized you were going to conquer our state. And we had two options: either declare a military coup d’état, or a judicial coup d’état…  

‘So we decided,’ he told me, ‘to shift the balance in all the government ministries to favor the judicial system’ — empowering the Attorney General, the State Prosecutor, the government legal advisers, the attorneys, because the legal system doesn’t rely on the masses — ‘And that’s how we’ll save our country.’ And they did it.” 

In other words, liberals in Israel, realizing that they couldn’t get the votes for their agenda, took over the country through the courts. The bill in Knesset would rein in the power of Israel’s Supreme Court, and that’s why activists, many of whom have flown to Israel from other nations, are trying to turn the country upside down. 

The same thing has happened in the United States through the backing of George Soros for radical left-wing district attorneys, who have enormous power to decide which cases to prosecute at the local level. Without winning a majority in Congress or on the Supreme Court, the laws of the United States have been fundamentally shifted to favor certain groups over others. 

And the U.S. State Department is doing the same thing through its Global Equality Fund, sending taxpayers’ money to groups pushing the LGBTQI+ agenda in other countries. 

Also: Britain’s de-banking scandal; Project 2025; and FedNow lays the groundwork for Central Bank Digital Currency. 

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