P.I.D. Radio 7/15/23: Red Heifer at Shiloh


THE PURIFICATION ritual necessary for building the Third Temple in Jerusalem could be just over a year away. 

Israel National News reports that a pure red heifer has been brought to the site of ancient Shiloh. Two others, which were delivered to Israel from Texas last September, will join her at the Research and Visitors Center there soon. 

The heifers are 22 months old. According to rabbinic interpretations of the purification ritual outlined in Numbers 19:1–10, the red heifer sacrificed must be without defect, never yoked, and at least three years old. That means the heifers in Israel could be prepared for sacrifice as early as next winter. 

Also: The silliness of “egg theory” on “TikToxic”; globalist bankers want “finance shock” to kickstart Great Reset and Central Bank Digital Currency (i.e., financial tyranny); BRICS plans their own gold-backed currency; and the Secret Service claims it just doesn’t know who dropped their bag of cocaine in a secure area of the White House (but Soldier of Fortune magazine says they do know but won’t way—surprise, surprise). 

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