P.I.D. Radio 2/11/23: Faces of the Old Gods

2023 Brit Award (click to enlarge)

DISTURBING IMAGERY is all around us, but the Christian church in the West is so desupernaturalized that we don’t recognize what’s right in front of our eyes.

From last Sunday’s Grammy Awards to the statue honoring the late Justice Ruth Bader to Travis Scott’s deadly 2021 Astroworld Festival concert to any number of Super Bowl halftime shows, pagan iconography is increasingly in our faces, produced and presented as “art.”

Ophidian (reptilian) figurines from Mesopotamia c. 6500–3700 BC (click to enlarge)

We discuss the entity honored by last Sunday’s performance of “Unholy” by a non-binary/transgender duo and the disturbing statues that will be handed out at this weekend’s Brit Awards—a three-faced image that reminds us of the reptilian figurines from ancient Eridu, the site of the Tower of Babel.

Also: Solar activity linked to the massive earthquake in Turkey and Syria; China’s spy balloon and the new “object” shot down over Alaska; Seymour Hersh reveals how the Biden administration bombed the Nord Stream gas pipelines; and Saudi Arabia declares end to petrodollar.

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