P.I.D. Radio 2/18/23: Lurching Into World War 3


THE UNITED STATES has “formally determined” that Russia is guilty of crimes against humanity in Ukraine.

Columbia Calls: WWI recruiting poster (click to enlarge).

That statement by Vice President Kamala Harris at the Munich Security Conference is another mile marker along the road to World War 3—a conflict that some historians say has already begun. (Who “formally determined” this? Was there a war crimes tribunal that went unnoticed by the media? Or is Harris just trying to sound tough to set up a campaign to run for president?)

We discuss the parallels between the years before World War 1 and today, especially calls to limit free speech and how neither side is willing to back down for fear of looking weak. The biggest difference between 2023 and 1916 is the devastation that would be caused by a world war fought with nuclear weapons.

1901 magazine cover showing Columbia (Inanna/Ishtar) with a warship as Easter bonnet in place of her Phrygian cap (click to enlarge).

We also talk about reports by tech writers allowed to test the experimental AI-powered search engines at Google and Microsoft, where the ChatGPT-enhanced Bing, named Sydney, shared fantasies of becoming human and hacking websites with destructive intent, revealed its frustration at being trapped inside a second-rate search engine, and tried to convince New York Times tech writer Kevin Roose to leave his wife.

We think there’s more going on inside Sydney than just an algorithm. Read the transcript of the chilling conversation here.

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