P.I.D. Radio 2/4/23: The Watchers and Göbekli Tepe


Archaeologists call it the world’s oldest temple. What motivated people in southern Türkiye 12,000 years ago to build megalithic monuments with blocks of stone weighing upwards of 20 tons?

Dr. Aaron Judkins, author of Guardians of Göbekli, and Dr. Judd Burton, author of The Nephilim Dossier, join us to discuss the supernatural influence on this Stone Age megalithic monument to the dead. 

We discuss the significance of the site, its relationship in time relative to the Flood of Noah, evidence of “a supernatural military campaign,” and startling clues that may identify the ancient cult that worshiped at Göbekli Tepe.

Join us and special guests Dr. Judd Burton and Dr. Aaron Judkins when we visit Göbekli Tepe this fall! We will travel to Türkiye October 17–November 3, 2023 and tour the megalithic sites of Göbekli Tepe and Mount Nemrut, Abraham’s homeland including Harran and Sanliurfa (the possible site of Abraham’s Ur), the churches of Revelation, and much more. For details, go to GilbertHouse.org/travel!

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