P.I.D. Radio 1/23/12: Godspeed, David Flynn


David FlynnWE NOTE with sadness the passing of David Flynn yesterday, a truly original thinker who contributed some startling ideas to the analysis of the spiritual war raging around us. If you haven’t already, we encourage you to listen to the interviews we were honored to do with David, linked below. And please keep David’s wife and family in your prayers.

Also: Iran rattles its sabers; radioactive material missing in Egypt; and evil in small-town USA.

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13 comments on “P.I.D. Radio 1/23/12: Godspeed, David Flynn

  1. Tim


    Derek and Sharon I have been listening to both of you for some years now. I am sorry to hear about the passing of David Flynn. These are two sites that I have visited before and they have been and continue to be a blessing to me. You may want to check them out. Amazingfacts.org and Amazingdiscoveries.org
    God bless!

  2. Jack

    We have lost a truly GREAT mind as well as a Brother in Christ. Dave now knows the answers to the questions for certainty and heaven is a far richer place. May the God of peace comfort Dave’s family and assure them that in time, they will be re-united in Glory!!

  3. Christie C.

    I was more than stunned at David’s passing on Sunday, but I know he is now with our Lord, safely out of harm’s way forever–we will all miss him, and mourn because of our loss, and the loss to his family who loved him–but, Isaiah 57:1,2 come strongly back to mind–with God telling us that we don’t consider the fact that “…the righteous is taken away from the evil to come. He shall enter into peace…”[Amen] That always brings me great comfort when I lose someone, and losing David Flynn is no exception, even if I never met him in person–I did exchange a few notes with him over on his board, though, so, in that respect, he was no total stranger to me–and, I will greatly miss him and his wonderful contributions to our better understanding of the amazing facts of this world that our heavenly Father has ‘hidden in plain site’ within mathematical calculations–calculations that many of us have a very tough time fathoming at all–Dr. Flynn also patiently tried to help those who were so very ‘math challenged’, like me, to at least have a fighting chance at seeing even a little bit of what God had enabled him to see, through the usage of his gift–his mathematically unchallenged mind!:) God’s comfort and blessings to his family.

  4. Rolaant

    I am sorry to hear of David Flynn’s passing, but am comforted that he is with the Lord Jesus. He certainly provided a unique perspective that will be missed.

    On another note, please beware of Amazing Facts and Amazing Discoveries. These are sites run by Seventh-day Adventists, and the gospel of Seventh-day Adventism and its “prophetess” Ellen G. White contradicts the gospel of the Bible. For more information please visit http://www.amazingfiction.org/.

  5. Frank

    These archives of david are really interesting. Makes me wonder what’s coming down the pipe (pike?).

  6. ghillie

    Sharon and Derek, please don’t stop broadcasting because you’ve nothing prepared. Just pick a topic, 2012, the Rapture, The great Tribulation etc and just talk away unscripted so to speak. You two are informative and relaxing to listen to. You are a blessing.

  7. Andy Jennings (maccabees)

    Hey dear Sharon and Derek, I’ve been listening to you guys from Bournville England for 3 years now. I know you’re tired. We believers are all getting tired. We see what’s coming and just hunger for Yeshua’s return. However there are folks who need to be encouraged. I’m so proud of you guys and I often tell my unsaved friends to check you out. Please Please Please keep it up. I love you. Shalom. Andy

  8. Lyn Walters

    Dr. Heiser taught us the meaning of the word “monogenes” (spl). It means “one of a kind” and that is what David Flynn was (and still is)…

    Good bye for now, so glad to have known you through your books, dvds and audio interviews. You must be having a ball right about now with learning and absorbing like a sponge all that there is in your new environment, getting long sought after questions answered. ( : One day we will meet…all of us…face to face and heart to heart. Looking forward to that.

    Shalom dear friend.

    In His Love, Lyn

  9. Ryan McKernan

    Hi Guys –
    The 2 websites provided to you by Tim are 7th day adventist websites – truth mixed with great error:
    Amazingfacts.org and Amazingdiscoveries.org
    Unless you are inclined to listen to “judaizers”, you needn’t check them out.
    In His love

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