P.I.D. Radio 1/15/12: Israel, Iran, and the USA


ONE OF the world’s most dangerous professions right now has to be Iranian nuclear scientist. Four have been assassinated in the last two years, and the Iranian government claims to have evidence that the U.S. is responsible for the latest killing.

Meanwhile, Foreign Policy, the official magazine of the Council on Foreign Relations, has published an expose of a false flag operation by the Mossad in which Israeli intelligence operatives posing as CIA agents recruited (Sunni) Pakistani terrorists to strike at (Shia) Iran’s nuclear program.  In other words, it appears that Israel may have wanted to draw the US into a war by prompting Iran to retaliate against American assets.  In response, a joint military exercise between Israel and the US scheduled for spring as apparently been canceled.

Also: Mystery illness strikes teen girls in LeRoy, New York; Russia’s Mars probe crashes to Earth; S&P downgrades Europe; and 10 reasons the US is no longer the land of the free.

As promised during the show, here is the link to our interview with David Duncan about “The Year 2012 Scam”.

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6 comments on “P.I.D. Radio 1/15/12: Israel, Iran, and the USA

  1. Monica

    Listening here from Canada and never miss a show.

    Sorry you guys feel a bit worn out. God bless and restore you.

  2. Aaron Shay

    Okay you 2, no more talk of getting tired; I just discovered you in the year or so and shall be ‘mining’ the archives for past interviews…but do be mindful that you are touching lives through PID/VFTB that you (and Sam!) don’t even know about…. Hope you feel better (and energized)’soon and very SOON~’… Derek in your present voice you are a natural for Jeramiah was a ‘bullfrog’…
    Be blessed in your day, all three
    Charis/Shalom. A.S.

  3. Joseph

    Take a break if need be, but don’t hang up those head sets. I don’t agree with everything on your show and indeed I have never shied from voicing my disagreement. I do however agree with a crucial aspect of your show: Christianity is in trouble because the gift of discernment has somehow, some way, been obscured. We’re in a very bad place, where the Church no longer seems to be able to identify evil for what it is and often obfuscates the good. So, do you guys just comment on the news? Depends how you look at it. Christians seem to have lost the ability to discern in the world around them. An outlet that reminds the Church of discernment and how to discern is essential. just my thoughts.

  4. Pam

    Sorry to hear you are both feeling under the weather. With all the changes in the weather it is hardly surprising. Also feeling so weary with all the sad happening around the globe. We are getting inundated on all sides and, the enemy is doing his utmost to wear the saints down.
    I felt much like yourselves the other day, but the Lord reminded me just Who was actually in control and to look to Him above all these things.
    The earth is the Lords and the fullness thereof. He owns the cattle on a thousand hills.
    Sometimes we do sit like Job on the dungheap, yet (as in Job) God has to open up our eyes to Him and His power and authority. He created the leviathan He created the stars and set them in the heavens. We can draw strength from just sitting in His presence and appreciating Him and Who He is.
    Blessings and His shalom for you both.

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