P.I.D. Radio 2/5/12: Conversation With Rob Skiba


Babylon RisingON THIS Super Sunday, we do something a little different and welcome a guest into the Bunker.

We’re honored to share an hour picking the brain of Rob Skiba, writer, director, and now author of the new book Babylon Rising: And the First Shall be Last.  We discuss the seemingly unconnected threads coming together as we approach the end times end game.

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6 comments on “P.I.D. Radio 2/5/12: Conversation With Rob Skiba

  1. greg booker

    Question: According to Colossians 1:19 “For God was pleased to have all his fullness dwell in him, and through him to reconcile to himself all things, whether things on earth or things in heaven, by making peace through his blood, shed on the cross” NIV

    As the angels (demons) were casted out of heaven to Earth prior to Christ’s victory at the cross does this verse imply that it is possible for some demons to be saved through the blood of Christ if they repent?

  2. Stacey Pittman

    did ya’ll happen to watch Madonna’s half time show? It appeared to be some type of ritual. Masonic maybe?

  3. Christie C.

    Great show!–about the football game–I asked my husband, who’d been watching it from the beginning, if he’d noticed any odd calls, or odd incidents that had given some type of advantage to the Giants–he said no–but, as I watched, that last touchdown by the Giants was such an obvious ‘gimme’, by the Patriots, I nearly shouted!–I had felt that God was going to indicate, by which team won, whether He was going to allow our ‘time’ clock to simply run out[Giants/Nephilim–lol], or if there was still a chance for us to bring about some good change, that would stall the approaching end times[Patriots]–since, I realized that was the case even in horse races–

    –so, I’d just watch to see which horse, or team, God wanted to win, and figure out what He might be indicating by it, through it’s name, or number, or even it’s owner–in my heart, I did sense that the Giants would win–but, when the Patriots simply allowed the Giants to score that last TD–with the player with the ball merely sitting down, over the line, into the end zone, with no one ever laying hand on him–and, the sport’s announcers saying something about how the Patriots had just ‘parted the Red sea’, to allow that touchdown–[just as was attributed to GW Bush, as he walzed up to the podium at the Repub convention, on a walkway that cut through a circular red area on the floor]–it couldn’t have been more clear to me that God really was going to allow the clock to simply run down now, with Him being prepared to usher in the beginning of the last gasp for this old fallen world–and, that’s why what’s going on is now being so openly displayed in front of our eyes, by His/our enemies–

    –I found that idea, both exciting, and forbidding a thought–looking forward to ‘that blessed hope’, definitely, but with grave concern for those who still do not know Him. It’s all definitely a two-edged sword, but the apostle John’s words have now become mine on a regular basis–“Amen. Even so, come, Lord Jesus.”[Rev. 22:20]Amen!:)

  4. ghillie

    Hi People, as regards the Fallen Watchers and their “plumbing”. Perhaps ,as I believe Russ Dizdar puts forward, these spirit beings could directly fertilize ova in a way similar to Mary’s Immaculate Conception. Perhaps they could form physical bodies by their sheer power.

    Also, Angels are neither male nor female, but could they be as C.S.Lewis puts forward in “Perelandra” masculine or feminine? “Sex is,in fact,merely the adaptation to organic life of a fundamental polarity which divides all created beings”.

    Malacandra [ the good Watcher over Mars ] is masculine but not male. Perelandra [ the good Watcher over Venus ] is feminine but not female. ” Malacandra was like rhythm and Perelandra like melody”.

    Gary Stearman ,I believe, has written a book called “Time Travelers of the Bible” in which he talks about time traveling prophets.
    Rob believes there was no second incursion of Fallen Angels after the flood. Any arguments about this are only technical I suppose, but do you think God would allow “tainted” seed onto the Ark when he was destroying the world because of it? Can we blame Ham’s wife when it’s evident that Ham isn’t exactly an upstanding guy. Ham might have invited a second “outbreak”. Why didn’t God destroy everything again? The whole world wasn’t contaminated for a start and perhaps the rules of the Cosmic Chess match entered a new phase.

  5. soji

    In answer to Gregs question, angels can never be saved. Salvation is only possible through the blood of Jesus and Christ death only cover those who are partaker of flesh and blood according to Heb 2v14. Angels do not have flesh and blood. They have a spiritual body that does not need blood to live. Any angel that fall is forever damned.

  6. Linda

    re. fallen angels after the flood. I believe demons are the spirits of the destroyed Nephilim at the flood, but as being spirits they need a body to perform and again started to present themselves by possession. Remember people were not filled/sealed by the HS, the HS came upon people as God directed. Only believers during this time of Grace are filed and sealed. Remember David who prayed let not thy HS depart from me. Now that we have mad scientists, demonic activity, cults outright worshipping Lucifer (Satan) and drinking blood and oaths to him we have an uprising as in the Days of Noah. Now that we have The Mystery religion in full action again even in the “church”, and we have opened portals with these blood sacrifices/abduction of children, abortions and quite possibly Twin Towers as a big blood sacrifice we are inviting free reign on earth by these Fallen Angels, Transhumans, Nephiim. and it will as the bible says wax worse and worse. Just my thoughts.

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