Best of P.I.D. Radio: The New World Order Scam


Exxon XWE’RE POSTING again an interview we did in December of 2005 with David Duncan, who wrote an article that bears re-reading from time to time, The New World Order Scam.

David lays out a disturbing scenario, his belief that Christians are being set up to take the fall for most of what’s wrong with America and, by extension, the world. He called his theory the biggest double cross in all of history.

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19 comments on “Best of P.I.D. Radio: The New World Order Scam

  1. Joseph

    Oh, wow, how did you confirm Dave passed? I recall the last time you mentioned him you had begun to think he may have passed on, when did it happen?

  2. William

    Wow… Thank you for reposting this, it really ties into a lot of observations that I found myself making a couple years ago when I first learning about everything to do with the broader “NWO” agenda and the occult. From almost the beginning, I was very intrigued by this false dichotomy that we see between the more “Imperialist” occultists on the one side (i.e. the Bushes, Rothchilds, Wall Street, etc., etc.) and the seemingly “anti-establishment” occultists in the New Age movement and such. I quickly found myself pondering this false dichotomy as depicted in films like Star Wars, where the Jedi (the “good” practioners of magic known as the Force) fight against the evil machinations of the Empire…

    Then when I learned about the bizarre murals on display at the Denver Airport, we see this meme again. In one panel (which apparently now has been taken down) there was a depiction of a figure resembling a Nazi stormtrooper dominating and terrorizing the world. The series of murals then concludes with a scene of children from all over the world uniting in peace and harmony, around some sort of psychadelic-looking flower…(?)

    But anyways, real good stuff. Glad I learned about David Duncan and his work, even though he is now with Jesus…

    Lastly, since I think it very much relates to this topic, I wanted to ask if you guys have watched the documentary titled “Constantine’s Sword”? (it’s available on Netflix for instant viewing) The film is based on the book by James Carroll, and the conclusions put forth by the author were quite bone-chilling. An absolute perfect example of what Duncan describes, where Christianity is essentially blamed for causing war and bloodshed throughout much of history. I’m sure the analytical Gilbert minds would find it very interesting… 🙂

    Much love and appreciation for what you both do,


  3. Derek Post author

    Actually, Joseph, I overstepped the limits of my knowledge when I posted that. We have not in fact confirmed that Dave has passed; we assumed that he’d passed based on some clues we found on the web and the fact that his phone had been disconnected.

    I’ve updated the show notes to correct this unsubstantiated assertion.

  4. Joseph


    Hope he’s not passed. On the one hand, he may have just lost interest and changed his life around (I’ve done the same myself in the past). On the other hand, it has been a while…

    Are you catching the primary coverage tonight? I’m always shocked when they start projecting the winner with ten percent of the votes in.


  5. Jonn

    I listend to all the shows with Duncan and I wonder how we even know he is credible.
    Nothing online about him. All we know is his name is Duncan, he has an interesting story to tell, he did drugs in the sixties and knew an occultist. How do we know Duncan isn’t a disinformation agent? Frankly, Alan’s website seems on the level of a charlatan psychic.
    He’s telling us lucifer manifested in front of him and that he doesn’t like lucifer is satan. Who does he think lucifer is and why does he keep and appreciate a drawing of him? I don’t ascribe to Lowe’s view of lucifer.

    I get that this is “peering into darkness,” but sometimes its all very draining. I need more of the Light. I appreciate what you and others are trying to do in your podcasts but the nature of the discussions sometimes excludes the glorification of God. I would have liked to hear what Duncan had to say about JESUS, then what he said about Alan and all else might be more credible. I would have liked to hear how he got saved. If he did mention that in any of the shows I don’t remember.


  6. Derek

    Jonn: I thought Dave had discussed that during one of our interviews, but that may be my memory playing tricks. We did discuss it with him, but it may have been “off air”, as it were.

    Based on our conversations with him, we judged Dave Duncan to be saved, credible, and genuine. That doesn’t mean he was right, of course, but if he was spreading disinfo, I’m not sure what his purpose would have been.

  7. Jonn

    Thanks for your response. I live in L A. People have all sorts of strange motiviation, especially people who not saved. He could have motives that would never cross your mind or mine or he could really believe what he’s saying and be sincerely wrong.

    I think we trust God today for our daily bread and no matter what comes it will still be God we trust. I, personally, spend too much time trying to figure out exactly how its all going to come down. The more I do that, it seems the farther I get from God. After all, it is about HIM, and His ways are beyond finding out.

    Love to you guys!

  8. Mikael

    I have no doubt that this man speaks the truth and we can also see where things are going now. I think when TSHTF they will expose all false flag terrorism and war crimes and blame it on “right wing Christians” and on Israel. This demonization has already started, specially in secular countries.

    I also think that the Antichrist will rise up from the Muslim world.

    If you want to hear more views of the end times as seen from the occultists view you should search youtube for videos with Princess Kauro Nakamaru, a speech at the Pythagoras Conference Jan this year and also an interview with Leo Zagami and Kaoru Nakamaru, sorry can’t post links here 🙁

    Video title is:
    PRINCESS KAORU NAKAMARU of Japan – Featured Guest Speaker at the PYTHAGORAS CONFERENCE 2012
    Princess Nakamaru of Japan – part 1 of 3

    Zagami speaks of a split between worldly/materialistic Illuminati and a spritual Illuminati (bad and good Illuminati if you like) and that the worldly part (banking system, Rockefeller, Rothschild etc) will be defeated. Nakamaru says that people resisting this change will be born (incarnate) to another planet!

  9. Frank

    Bro. Derek,

    I’m only a few minutes into the interview, but WOW! Already I’m seeing some parallels with Paddy Heron (return of the antichrist) and David Lowe (Lucifer rising)

    Thanks for reposting!


  10. Jonn

    The so called appearance of lucifer Dave described bugs me.

    Isn’t interesting that the Bible says: SATAN disguises himself as an angel of light?

    Does Dave really believe he saw lucifer, or worse, do the Gilberts believe that? Now we trust demonic manifestations to tell us the truth? UFOs are demons but what Dave saw was really lucifer? You guys are confusing me.

    Why would Dave study Sitchen’s materials at all, if he is really a believer, to find truth? Where does the Bible instruct us to study the occult to find Truth?

    Why do have to check that box that we’re human? Does that put into affect some sort of cookies or tracking software? PLEASE EXPLAIN WHY WE MUST CHECK THAT BOX. Thank you.

  11. Jonn

    What brings this up now is that I listened to the VFTB show with Michael Hoggard and Doc Marquis. They’re talking about how the occult has made inroads into the church, and here we have Dave Duncan and the Gilberts talking Sitchen like he’s an acceptable/credible source of information. How is this different from a liberal pastor allowing Harry Potter into his Sunday school classes?

    Why is it necessary to have such demonic pictures near the titles of the broadcasts? (See latest VFTB shows.) Is that to draw occultists? Did Paul carry a stone idol around to get the Gentiles’ attention?

  12. Derek Post author

    Jonn: I’m not sure how you draw the conclusion that we take Sitchin as a credible source of information. Have you listened to any of our other programs? Our view is that the evidence clearly demonstrates that Sitchin, either knowingly or through ignorance, misrepresented what the Sumerians wrote about the Anunnaki. (See Dr. Michael Heiser’s website,

    Your point about the graphics is noted. There is no intention of drawing occultists, although we’d be glad if they listened and learned something.

  13. Derek Post author

    Taking your questions in reverse order:

    1. No, we have no interest in tracking you. If we didn’t verify that comments are coming from real people, this website would be overrun by bogus spambot comments pointing to porn sites.
    2. Paul wrote that he would not have the churches be ignorant of the enemy’s devices. That’s all we’re trying to do, and we believe that’s what Dave was trying to do. (We believe he was called home by the Lord a couple of years ago.)
    3. We believe that Dave genuinely saw something demonic. It probably wasn’t Lucifer since angels, unlike demons, don’t appear to need a human host to manifest. (There are numerous reports in the Bible of angels with the appearance of men interacting with humans.)
    4. Yes.
  14. Jonn

    I’m very relieved to hear you don’t think he saw lucifer. In the podcast it seemed like you did.

    I don’t need to see Heiser’s site. I know Sitchen is wrong and don’t need an expert opinion on that. I still find it strange that Duncan would study his materials to explain what was clearly a demonic manifestation. What more does/did he need to know? You guys certainly did not make any objection to Duncan looking to Sitchen’s materials when you apparently know that would be nothing but counterproductive.

    I think some people have an inordinate interest in the things of darkness and “exposing” it is a way of indulging in it. Sometimes by way of “exposing the schemes of the enemy” the darkness spreads to other believers.

    Guard the deposit entrusted to you. Avoid the irreverent
    babble and contradictions of what is falsely called “knowledge,”
    for by professing it some have swerved from the faith.
    Grace be with you. 1 Timothy 6:20-21(ESV)

    I would be glad if occultists listened to your podcasts and heard the Gospel.

  15. Jonn

    Why are you so hard on (and rightfully so) the NAR and the dominionists but gentle when it comes to things of the occult?

    I’d love to hear more discussion on CS Lewis.

  16. Derek Post author

    You may need to listen to a few more of our shows. One of the main reasons we’re so hard on the signs-and-wonders New Apostolic Reformation and Dominion theology is precisely because it’s an occultic belief system masquerading as Christianity.

    You can also check out the two-hour discussion on the occult from the Prophecy Summit at Branson.

  17. Derek Post author

    I’d have to listen to the interview again, but if memory serves, Dave turned to Sitchin for answers before he found Christ. We talked with Dave often enough to know that he had rejected the ancient alien theory.

  18. Jonn

    I’ve probably listened to more than half of your broadcasts. I didn’t make my comments lightly or on the basis of only listening to only one.
    I already heard the podcast with Hoggard and Marquis, I tried to post this there but was unable to do so:

    Tried to post this near the VFTB show with Hoggard and Marquis but after ten failed tries with the CAPTACHA code I gave up.

    Mike Hoggard made an oops. He implied something to the effect that we can understand things of the occult or the demonic realm and activity by the physical things that can be seen. He was referring to Romans 1: 19,20.

    If you read those verses it is very clear that Paul is saying we know things about God’s divine nature by His creation. Paul is NOT saying we understand the demonic realm or demonic activity by what we see in the physical realm but that we understand GOD’S nature and the proof of His existence and Godhood by looking at creation.

    The implications of his error could be rather big. This is no small point of contention.

  19. Jonn

    Dave said he spent the rest of his life looking for an explanation of Noonan’s transformation into lucifer. Maybe you should listen to it again and see if there is any balance at all between the telling of his history in the occult and either you or Sharon sharing the Truth of the Gospel.
    I think an unsaved person could easily come away from that not knowing what was wrong with his experiences and not knowing how to get saved.

    By the way, Noonan died not long ago.

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