P.I.D. Radio 1/1/12: 2012 is Here


Happy New Year2012 is finally here.  Now what?

We discuss prophecy, scriptural and otherwise, as the world starts counting down to the alleged end of the Mayan calendar.  We’ll look again at who’s behind the belief that this is the year everything changes and why they’re working so hard to get us to buy into that belief.

Also: Egypt raids NGOs; Iran threatens to close Straits of Hormuz; US sells weapons to Saudi Arabia and UAE; President signs indefinite detention of US citizens into law; Gingrich openly appeals to Christians in Iowa; and for the second New Year’s Day in a row, blackbirds drop out of the sky onto Beebe, Arkansas.

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4 comments on “P.I.D. Radio 1/1/12: 2012 is Here

  1. nomemoleste

    No doubt Jonah could teach us a thing or two about prophecy and prediction. I’m pretty certain that prophecy is more about conveying the intent or will of God than predicting the future. The notion that the future somehow already exists along some timeline or alternate reality is a mainstay in pop fiction.

    It may be that there is no set future yet, nor any way to travel back in the past. There may only be the present, where past has already dissolved and future is just coalescing. That takes nothing away from the determined will of the Almighty. And tends to explain why satan bothers to continue.

    As for prophets viewing a fixed future… take for instance St. John, it could well be that what he was shown in the throne room of Heaven was more of a battle plan (or set of plans) than predetermined events.

    That said, as we make choices we limit what can occur in each of our lives. So it does seem that outer limits can be set beyond which it’s seemingly impossible to overcome. Almighty God of course has no such limits — besides what He holds himself to — within his own constraints of integrity and justice tempered with love and mercy.

    So it’s probably a bit like pouring water on the flames that stoke the engines of fiction writers to suggest that there is nothing fixed beyond the present. Nonetheless, Christ remains the only way out of either an absurdly definite future or one open to whatever chaos anyone can imagine.

    Which brings to mind evolution… and all that “Dark DNA.” You reckon it’s more like a design library? Saw a special on Borneo where there was a spider that looked and moved like ants, except for having big eyes, 8 legs, and spinning webs.

    Of course, evolution dictates that creatures adapt to their environments, given unreasonable amounts of time with no other forces acting otherwise…. but I’ll spare you.

    Dark DNA may be more like a code library. As to who’s checking out the books… well I suppose any entity or event that can influence the results. There’s reportedly a caste in India that reacts much differently to anesthesia than the rest of humanity. Supposedly a case where social selection impacted genetics (since they’ve actually confirmed a genetic difference). And that would make evolution much much more rapid than evolutionists allow.

    So when are y’all going to do a segment on the Star Trek Pantheons?

  2. nomemoleste

    Rap News – X Occupy 2012 (youtube link above)

    ufos=nephilim=global corporations=military industrial complex=…
    …=academic mystics=anonymous personified=noam chomsky

  3. Brooks

    I watch Lunology on Netflix and later watched a movie called The Encounter that you may be
    interested in watching.

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