P.I.D. Radio 6/5/11: Betting on the Losers


Wanted cicadasTHAT’S WHAT the global elites seem to be about. A member of the Greek parliament alleges that Prime Minister George Papandreou presided over the sale of credit default swaps on Greek sovereign debt to a government-owned bank.  This is essentially like Pete Rose betting against the Reds while he was the manager.  This type of behavior goes a long way toward explaining the global economic crisis:  it’s a rigged game to transfer wealth to the banking elite.

Plus: Ireland’s looming default and the character assassination of DSK; e coli and MRSA spreads; mandatory HPV vaccine for girls in Texas; social media and Rep. Weiner; the illegal war in Libya; and a new structure on Mars (?).

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  1. Luke

    I don’t remember the details, but an earthquake was predicted in Japan at one point because of the movement of bugs. I’m not familiar with Cicada behavior. Is this normal?

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