P.I.D. Radio 5/29/11: Tyranny By Autopen


THE PATRIOT Act was extended just before it expired Friday when President Obama signed the bill by autopen from France. This just strikes us as odd. While we have no doubt that it won’t make a bit of difference — any more than the president’s clumsily forged birth certificate — we have to wonder why an autopen was used instead of just emailing the document and printing a copy for the president to sign his own self.

Also: Netanyahu’s speech declared “an act of war”; Chinese prisoners forced to play World of Warcraft for prison guards; study shows Roman Catholics and born-again Christians with smaller brains than mainline Protestants; and Judge Andrew Napolitano asks when our peaceful republic became a police state (link opens video at YouTube).

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6 comments on “P.I.D. Radio 5/29/11: Tyranny By Autopen

  1. chiliboots

    Open Contempt, re: Autopen, Birth Certificate, Theft etc.

    This Politicians/Bankers/Lawyers axis is attempting to bait us into open
    rebellion to justify their further oppression, here, and abroad.

    It will not work. We already have more contempt for them, than they could
    ever have for us. It also smacks of a kind of Desperation, as if they are
    running out of time. And they are. They are in a direct conflict with the
    expressed Will and Agenda of God. A very bad place to be.

  2. Gonny

    Derek and Sharon
    Another great episode of PID. Thank you. I will be at the conference in July and would not mind taking care of Sam. I have two huge dogs of my own who won’t be with me on the trip.

    I was looking at the schedule for the conference and I thought my head was goin to explode. So many great speakers happening at the same time. Not sure which ones I am going to attend. But again looking forward to meeting everyone out there.


  3. Eric

    Great show! I do have to say however that we, as Christians, have to stop equivocating when it comes to America worship from the pulpit. This country has sanctioned the merciless murder of tens of millions of the unborn, wages clearly unjust wars and increasingly attacks the freedoms of it’s citizens. Let’s not take our eyes off our ultimate goal to gaze at a flag – any flag!

  4. James A. Burt

    Like the high-mileage hippocampus!! Thought you might like Weird Al Yankovic’s spoof on Lady Gaga–

  5. cecil

    Can anyone please tell me when has any other Presidental Candidate birth certificate been demanded or even his college transcripts? I guess African Americans still have to show their papers. It’s a sad time for our country indeed.

  6. Christie C.

    Well–I was no presidential candidate a few years ago, but I was told to show my own birth certificate to the state’s DMV, in order to get my state I.D. card, so that I could travel by plane–without the certificate, that vacation would not have taken place–so, if I had to present my own proof of being a natural born citizen, what’s that man in the white house’s big gripe all about?!

    And, as for differing brain sizes mentioned in that ‘study’–that has to be wrong–because some of the most well educated believers I’ve ever known, or known of, have been Roman Catholics, and Born Agains–imo, they need to have bigger brains, in order to store up enough information so they can defend their beliefs against the hostile challenges thrown at them by all comers, at all times–and, I’m about to become both, hopefully by next Easter–which leaves me wondering if I’ll be able to find an Easter bonnet big enough to fit over my hyper-enlarged cranium by then? [lol]:)

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