P.I.D. Radio 6/12/11: SWAT Teams for the DOE


IT WAS a surprise to learn this week that the Department of Education has SWAT teams at its disposal. Don’t worry, though; they say they won’t break down your door at 6:00AM for late payments on your student loan.

Is it unpatriotic to ask why on God’s green Earth the Education Department has weapons?

Also: Bilderberg 2011 in Switzerland; Libyan conflict really about oil; pedophile ring based in Bloomington, Indiana (see Dave McGowan’s disturbing article, The Pedophocracy); and a superbug turns up in the military hospital at Bagram.

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9 comments on “P.I.D. Radio 6/12/11: SWAT Teams for the DOE

  1. Gonny

    So much going on. But despite the dark nature of the topics I don’t thnk I’ve laughed so hard in a long time with this episode. Between the al cicadas slowly fading in and out of the sound gates on the microphones between sentences to Derek saying, ” …have a nice day!” after the pedophilia thing, I think we have to be able to smile and laugh together sometimes to keep our sanity. God bless and keep up the great work!

  2. The Dudey

    You should hear Vyzygoths show condemning the “Future Congress” money grab…he’s right…money changes everything and everybody…

  3. The Dudey


    Conservatives are dutiful followers of God, while Liberals are affectionate followers of God. Conservatives tend to have a fists-up attitude toward the world, while liberals tend to have an arms out attitude toward the world. And what’s more is that liberals tend to have a more free, exploratory relationship with God and with others. One of the things that is comforting about being around a more liberal theologian is they don’t try to control you. You don’t feel shame or guilt when you talk to them.

  4. Derek

    Vyz is an intelligent, opinionated guy and he’s entitled to his opinions. We do what we do because we think it’s important.

    As for the other stuff: liberal authors jabbing at straw men. Fists-up attitude toward the world? That’s inconsistent with the documented fact that conservatives, especially religious conservatives, consistently give more money and time to charity than liberals. We donate more blood, too.

    Maybe that’s part of dutifully following God’s command to love our neighbors as ourselves.

  5. Jake

    Dr Future should not be leading anything. Neocon. I’m surprised Chuck Misler is part of his ministry.

  6. Jake

    Not in the Bush sense. But he is ultra conservative unbalanced and unfair in many areas. Neocon may be too harse but it is close enough

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