P.I.D. Radio 7/6/24: DIANA and the New Golden Age


A SPIRITUALIST claims higher powers told her during a three-day out-of-body experience that a new Golden Age would begin between 2012 and 2032.

61-year-old Julie Poole of Cornwall in the UK says that back in 1984, she spent three days in the spirit realm and was told by angelic “guides” that a day of reckoning is coming for “evil global leaders.“ We take note because this is the same message we’ve been hearing the last few years from globalists and occult adepts who believe that the Great Mutation—the conjunction of the planets Jupiter and Saturn on the winter solstice of 2020—marked a transition to a new era of peace and prosperity. A Great Reset, perhaps?

Ms. Poole has written a book on the Law of Attraction, an occult belief that Derek addressed on his podcast with guest Jon Clash. You can access the interview on our YouTube channel (link below) or at www.vftb.net.

Meanwhile, NATO is hosting a conference in Washington, DC next week. Among the topics is how to safeguard the alliance from weapons based on autonomous artificial intelligence. In March, NATO doubled its tech accelerator sites under a program called Defense Innovation Accelerator for the North Atlantic (DIANA). We note that Diana, the Roman form of Artemis, is another aspect of the ancient Sumerian deity Inanna, a gender-fluid entity of carnal sex and mindless violence.

In her modern, Neo-pagan form, Diana is venerated as a triple goddess that includes the lunar deity Luna/Selene, and the underworld goddess Hecate. This reflects the ancient myths about Inanna, who was called Queen of Heaven (see Jeremiah 7:18 and 44:17–25), controlled the principles of human civilization on earth, and attempted to usurp control of the netherworld as well. This is the entity that we believe is described by John as Babylon the Great in Revelation, the great harlot who rides the Beast.

We also discuss elections in the UK, France, and Iran. The UK slides to the left, France shifts to the right, and Iran moves to the middle. In all three cases, the perceived changes are more theatrical than real.

As for the upcoming election in the US, President Biden’s cognitive decline is undeniable, so we won’t belabor the point. What’s most revealing about his condition is that the media has spent the last week and a half pretending to be surprised by it. Corporate media sources now openly admit that there is a cabal around Joe Biden that’s been shielding him from outsiders and that a moneyed class of big donors are meeting behind closed doors to pick his replacement. Isn’t that what elections are for? (Rhetorical question; we already know the answer.)

And we discuss a new grant from the US government to Moderna to develop an mRNA “vaccine” against avian flu. As Sharon notes, the strain of H5N1 currently circulating through bird and mammal populations, while dangerous, does not spread easily to humans. The only way to protect against a strain that is transmissible to humans is to tweak the virus through gain-of-function research—and we saw what that led to in 2020.

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