P.I.D. Radio 6/29/24: Biden’s Political Career Ended Thursday Night


JOE BIDEN’S PERFORMANCE at Thursday’s televised debate was historic—but not in the way he wanted. His political career ended Thursday night. It was that bad.

After five full days of rest and preparation, what we saw Thursday was the best the president could muster. By all accounts, which includes those from the president’s supporters in the Democratic Party and the media, this was the worst performance by an American presidential candidate since the first televised debate between Kennedy and Nixon in 1960.

We say this with no joy. Watching President Biden’s cognitive decline is uncomfortable. His family and those nearest him should never have allowed Biden to run for president in 2020. Thursday’s humiliation amounts to elder abuse. The president should, as left-leaning pundits in the media now agree, bow out of the race. But it appears, based on reports Friday, that Joe Biden is determined to try to win a second term. The question is whether the Democratic National Committee will go along with Biden’s wish, which almost assures a second Trump administration, or push Biden out in favor of another candidate.

Then the question becomes who takes Biden’s place. No leading Democrat thinks Vice President Kamala Harris has a chance to win in November. How do they replace her without a rebellion in the party at passing over a woman of color, especially the vice president? Who’s next in line? Gavin Newsom, who’s presiding over a dysfunctional California? J. B. Pritzker, governor of Illinois, a state that’s on the verge of bankruptcy? Gov. Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan, whose tyrannical pandemic policies appeal only to the farthest left? Would Michelle Obama give up her $14 million mansion in Martha’s Vineyard to move back into the White House? Why? She’s got more influence now than she would as president.

Get your popcorn. The next four months will be historic. But remember—the Great Commission is still our prime directive.

Also: The white buffalo calf in Yellowstone Park has been missing since early June and park rangers don’t know if it’s still alive; H5N1 (avian flu) shows up in San Francisco’s wastewater, but no one is sure why; and “Weird Al” Yankovic partners with The Gregory Brothers on a wonderful debate satire, “Deja Vu (But Worse).” Click here.

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