P.I.D. Radio 6/15/24: This is How Skynet Begins


A COUPLE OF STORIES this week about artificial intelligence point toward a future when AI literally controls the human race—a future that, sadly, many of our fellow humans would probably welcome.

First, the US Air Force and Space Force announced an AI tool called NIPRGPT, a tortured acronym that evokes the name of the most important religious center in ancient Mesopotamia, Nippur, home of the father-god Enlil—who was also known as El, Dagon, Saturn, Kronos, and Molech. (And Nippur was known in Sumer as Nibiru!)

Second, a fringe candidate for Parliament in the UK is running with an AI “co-pilot,” called AI Steve, from which the human claims he will take orders.

Hmm. Artificial intelligence running civilian government and making military decisions? What can possibly go wrong?

Also: World opinion turns against Israel after dramatic and deadly hostage rescue; the petrodollar isn’t quite dead; and Wandering Joe Biden shows again why he should not run for a second term.