P.I.D. Radio 2/25/23: Book of the Dead


ARCHAEOLOGISTS IN EGYPT announced the discovery of a copy of the Book of the Dead. This seems fitting, given some of the news of the past week.

The papyrus scroll, which measured more than 50 feet long when unrolled, belonged to a man named Ahmose who lived around 300 BC. It features text and images of gods related to the underworld, like Osiris.

We also discuss the first anniversary of the war in Ukraine and this week’s developments, a call for World War 2-style rationing by academics to save Mother Earth from the plague of humans, and rapidly declining birth rates and sperm counts around the world.

Finally, we touch on a new study that found that people with higher cognitive ability are less concerned about political correctness. In other words, the smarter you are, the less likely it is that you’re “woke.”

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