P.I.D. Radio at the Prophecy Summit: Bill Salus


Revelation RoadONE OF the takeaways from the just completed Prophecy Summit at Branson was a developing consensus that Israel is headed for war. The question seems to be whether it comes first with Syria or with Iran.

Bill Salus, host of Prophecy Update Radio and author of Isralestine: The Ancient Blueprints of the Future Middle East and the new Revelation Road: Hope Beyond the Horizon, joined us at the Prophecy Summit to discuss the evidence for war and the timing of the conflicts contained in Psalm 83, Ezekiel 38, and Isaiah 17.

This interview from the Prophecy Summit at Branson is one of twelve that will be posted over the next few months.  Upcoming guests include Tom Horn, Joseph Farah of WorldNetDaily, Chuck Missler, Russ Dizdar, Doug Woodward, Gary Stearman, Noah Hutchings and Larry Spargimino of Southwest Radio Ministries, Col. Stephen Bauer, Avi Lipkin, and David Brennan.

Video of these interviews will be part of a DVD set that is being produced by Prophecy in the News.

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8 comments on “P.I.D. Radio at the Prophecy Summit: Bill Salus

  1. Tommye

    Derek, What a great interview! Thanks for this. I’m amazed lately at Bill Salus’s detailed expounding of scriptural support for Ps. 83 war, Is. 17…I’ll listen to this interview again with a notepad! Wish I could have been at the Prophecy Summit.

  2. Howie

    Excellent! I live in Israel and this filled in some prophetic gaps for me. Hey, living here is a life of seeing prophecy unfold. People here need to know the urgency of the hour, Biblically. We are constantly aware of our place in the physical realm. The country is in a jittery turmoil.

  3. Jimmy Staten

    Derek, Thanks..I have read his Israelstine book. I have been asking the Lord over the last week or so..I need a better idea of the timeline, Lord. Everything is on the table. Great interview…Thanks, Jimmy

  4. chiliboots

    “Israel” will be attacking it’s neighbors, alone.

    Their scam is ended. If that entity wishes to self-
    destruct, good luck with that.

  5. MacBook

    Chuck Baldwin has come out endorsing Ron Paul once again. This satanic minister spells only doom for the only country in the world that matters, Israel. This is why we need to unite as one christian body behind Mitt Romney for president of the USA.

    God Bless Derek and Sharon.

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