P.I.D. Radio Live with Dr. Future and Tom Bionic


HOW ARE we supposed to make sense of the senseless? The shootings at the premiere of the new Batman movie in Aurora, Colorado is shocking, but sadly not unique. How do we as Christians classify such an act in any way other than evil?

We called two men we respect for their views in a special video chat. Live from Nashville, Dr. Future and Tom Bionic of Future Quake join Derek to wrestle with the mass murder in Colorado and the recent rash of brutal “zombie apocalypse” attacks, which now total over a dozen in the last two months.

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5 comments on “P.I.D. Radio Live with Dr. Future and Tom Bionic

  1. Aaron Shay

    AWESOME, GILBERTS!!!! THE whole G+ notion inspired…great good way for ‘face time’, and providing a(nother) neat vehicle for thoughtful discourse…. SEE YOU soon!!! 🙂

  2. luna dante

    there were some interesting things said but overall i could not bear to listen – it was like a whacky morning show and i hate those.
    very obnoxious – interrupting, dumb jokes, laughing at one’s own dumb jokes….
    it’s why some of us hated high school and became truant… why we never went to the cafeteria for lunch and stayed thin
    why people avoid socializing at work…
    this topic deserves reverence and some back up of facts – where did you learn that darpa was a connection? impossible to discern, since i couldn’t bear the sit through the whole thing. if i were a family member of a victim, i’d be hurt that the subject failed to temper the mirth…

  3. Elizabeth Moon

    That was an experience of a lifetime to actually see the people that are on the podcasts that I normally listen to. The only thing I didn’t like was that I had to sit in front of my computer for the length of the presentation. Other than that, I just have to say how much I MISS having Dr. Future and Tom (did he even have a middle name) Bionic on RRN. The subject matter although monstrously heavy was much less stressful for me to handle. I NEED to hear from people like you Derek and the guests on your shows (VFTB included) to be able to sort through the piles of garbage I get bombarded with on a daily basis. It gets overwhelming! To have a Christian spin on world events with a supernatural flair is a gap that most “normal” news outlets are willing to bridge. So, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Until your podcast connects to my tympanic membrane. Your sister in Christ Elizabeth Moon

  4. Earnest Seeker

    Dr. Future? Tom Bionic? Come on! Grow up! Why would I listen to people with such juvenile pseudonymns analyze such serious material?

    Sorry, but luna dante is right. A tragedy like the TDKR shooting deserves far more sober treatment. Show some respect, for crying out loud.

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