P.I.D. Radio 5/20/12: Interview With Stacy Harp


ACM logoTODAY WE’RE honored to feature a ministry that’s been quietly building an impressive body of work in the new media. An early adopter of blogging and then podcasting, Stacy Harp, founder of Active Christian Media and co-host of the daily talk program On The Wall, has been in the thick of the culture war since midway through the Bush administration.  Today, Stacy and her husband Randall use the Internet to spread the gospel and analyze the changes in the world around us through the lens of scripture.

Stacy joined us to discuss the development of their ministry, what she and Randall hope to accomplish, and how their journey has changed her views toward some of the big names in American Christianity.

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4 comments on “P.I.D. Radio 5/20/12: Interview With Stacy Harp

  1. Kev

    I can’t wait to listen to this one. It’s been interesting to watch the topics she covers change and grow over the years.

  2. Derek Post author

    I agree! As we said to Stacy on the show, we’re long overdue to have her on as a guest. She’s had both of us as guests on her show, together and individually.

  3. neil houlton

    Hi Derek and Sharon, I’m Neil from the coastlands of southern England where summer has just appeared. I’m a long time listerner but your show with Stacy Harp has to be one of the best. As a church pastor I too get funny looks from others leaders because I hold up the Bible to be the Word of God and by extension “the Truth”. More and more I hear sermons and read books that seem to have based their theology from “The Readers Digest”. Thank you for “PID Radio”, may God bless you now and in all the ventures he leads you in after 2012. (this is of course depending on if we are still here, however I don’t think I’m going to waste time holding my breathe. If the end of the world is what we’re meant to believe in then as sure as eggs is eggs we won’t be looking for the real thing that’s going to happen)

  4. Buckethead Baptist

    Good show. There were some things she said that affirmed where I’m at (mistrust of the Religious Right), there were some things that I learned (the activism in the Psychology community against Christianity — probably they don’t trust the Religious Right either!) and there were things about her ministry that I’d like to follow up on.

    Also… I liked that she made it “ok” to publish a 7 page “book” to have and promote. Seven Pages? YEAH!!! I can do that!!!

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