P.I.D. Radio 5/7/12: The Nostradamus Effect


IN WHICH we briefly discuss the recent wave of TV programming that elevates the 16th century mystic to the status of prophet. Why are so many people drawn to these murky ramblings? Is it a plot by elites to program us to anticipate imminent doom, or is it simply a matter of network programmers feeding the public’s hunger for this type of cosmic fortune telling?

Also: CIA claims to stop Al Qaida “Underwear Bomb 2.0”; EU plots to scrap Britain; US deploys high-tech F-22 Raptor to within striking distance of Iran; more drone strikes in Pakistan; Russian troops train in Colorado in May; child porn on Facebook; mother who killed young sons thought devil was chasing her; and dead dolphins and pelicans in Peru.

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2 comments on “P.I.D. Radio 5/7/12: The Nostradamus Effect

  1. James A. Burt

    Balochistan is about oil. Here once again is Michel Chossudovsky–


    The idea is foment succession there because

    1) Proximity to the Indian Ocean means easy resupply logistically.

    2) Any attack on Iran could be facilitated by a presence in Balochistan.

    The conflict in Sudan and its partition is also about oil. Pipelines will bring that oil south to the Indian Ocean cutting out Khartoum depriving them of transit revenues.


    A pipeline port on the Indian Ocean would then supply India as it develops to replace China in the 21st century.


    The oil from Africa would be easier to protect if it isn’t exported through the Red Sea.

  2. Byron

    The elevation of the 16…th century is basically a good time for pagan up in the air nosed English stiff lipped Darwinian giving freaks (my opinion) who are (snivley English) in the front lines bringing in the new world order!
    When it comes to the killing of Bin l^den i wonder just how many lives he ‘Benny’ had, I mean, was he not killed at least a half dozen time before? It’s clear that we can not trust those who think they know best, they’re in the tank w/the English and the rest of these global bung holes!

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