P.I.D. Radio 3/25/12: Trucks


Mind controlIT’S A collection of disturbing stories loosely connected by a theme: People doing bad things for what appears to be no sensible reason.

Specifically, the massacre of 17 Afghan civilians by one (or is it more?) American soldiers; a teen in Kansas City set afire by two older boys; the bizarre public display by Jason Russell, producer of the Kony 2012 video; and a strange “nodding sickness” that is apparently turning thousands of African children into mindless, fire-setting zombies.


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7 comments on “P.I.D. Radio 3/25/12: Trucks

  1. Christie C.

    Bales is being charged with “17” murders?–check this out–


    I don’t even know Bales, but I’m siding with his wife–she claims he isn’t capable of doing what they say he did–one of the reasons has to do with ‘numbers’–the rest of the story made no real sense until I realized what number has been touted the most, when it comes to how many victims there had been. It’s all in the ‘signals’ being sent when strange incidents take place–

    Pat Tillman’s case is still suspicious–look at the numbers used in speaking of his killing–


    Also–That young boy who was set on fire for ‘being white’–he was “13” years old?!–here you go!–


    [I personally believe what’s behind most of this strange ugliness going on all around the world these days, is directly connected to those who put great store in the occult meanings attached to certain numbers.]

    And, the main reason I bring up Pat Tillman’s untimely death, and tied it in with other incidents, is due to the date my own son was KIA in Afghanistan–on 7/17/2006–and, they told us they had dedicated a class room in a building there on a base in Afghanistan that was located right next door to the room they’d dedicated to–Pat Tillman–

    –I don’t like thinking what I do about all of this–but, knowing what I do about the current ‘situation’ we are dealing with in this world, and how involved I’ve been for years on message boards and websites that deal with it all, something just smells rotten–and, this isn’t even Denmark, and I’m not Hamlet!

    Thank you both, Derek and Sharon, and I’m so glad you will still be doing these PID shows, and the VFTB shows–God bless you.

  2. James A. Burt

    I believe the Millennium episode is “Sense and Antisense”, season 2 episode 3. . .

  3. chiliboots

    O.K.- ENOUGH with the Numbers Fetish.

    What you are both doing is Numerology,
    regardless of how you try to pass it off.

    It is Forbidden. Knock it off.

  4. ghillie

    No Chiliboots, we’re not doing Numerology. We’re talking about evil forces using Numerology

  5. chiliboots

    That excuse is a distinction without a difference,”ghillie”.

    This unending focus is a fascination, in which both Hosts indulge. This ‘interest’ is not allowed, according to the
    Word of God, not me. Go argue with Him.

    Incidentally, at every stop for this ‘inspection’, the Show runs right-off-the-rails. Such analysis is also irrelevant.

  6. Derek Post author

    Hi, Chili,

    Thanks for your input. We do not hold a fascination with numbers or numerology. We simply take note of it because of the importance it seems to hold for those ensnared by the occult.

    Let me add that I appreciate the spirit in which you offer your comments. You are correct that a fascination with numerology, or a reliance on numbers to guide our lives, is not something in which a Christian should engage. We are sorry if we gave anyone the impression that we condone or indulge in that behavior. That is absolutely not our intent.

  7. wovereene

    Hello everyone. I have been listening to you guys since you started podcasting. the topics that are discussed are indeed awesome learning tools.
    I know I am a little late to this particular discussion but I was browsing this discussion about numerology and it really tilts my mind into the area of aggravation ever time i see responses like this one from Chili. It is all to familiar that these sort of comments are made from fellow knowers of Christ and His word. Unfortunately these responses are exactly one of the problems with what is really being discussed. Simply stated is that whether people would like to see it or not, satan and his doers go by this stuff and use it. Knowing your enemy helps sharpen the sword for the spiritual battle that is alive in our time and I can only wonder how people take these topics out of context. Especially knowing how Sharon and Derek are in Christ.

    These topics are important to understand and we all know that a big problem with a lot of the “church” these days is the refusal to admit and discuss these issues of truth that are all to often ignored. It is almost like people do not want to believe in the dark powers that are alive today….
    Love you guys’ show and always look forward to the discussions that are had..

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