P.I.D. Radio 3/11/12: Massacre in Kandahar


AN AMERICAN soldier is in custody after allegedly breaking into a number of homes in a village near Kandahar early Sunday and killing 16 people, nine of them children.Coming after a wave of violence against U.S. and NATO troops, this may further inflame the population against coalition forces. It seems to us that continued occupation of Afghanistan serves no real purpose.

Also: McCain stumps for war against Syria; Panetta says the president only needs “international permission” to attack; Pentagon gives Boeing $80 million to build a better MOP to clean out Iran’s nuclear bunkers; State Department gives Camp Liberty in Iraq to MEK — which is on its list of foreign terror organizations; Greece officially defaults; SPLC claims 755% growth in American militias since Obama took office (link to report PDF file); and unexplained explosion caught on Phoenix TV traffic report.

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4 comments on “P.I.D. Radio 3/11/12: Massacre in Kandahar

  1. nomemoleste

    Washington DC and the elites are already drunk with blood from abortion — so what is there to stop soldiers in Afghanistan from going psycho?

    “http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/03/11/us-afghanistan-civilians-idUSBRE82A02V20120311” (US soldier rampages, killing 16, including women and children)

    Certainly not the US Command and Control that works for the arms merchants (and their god of war).

    What’s there to restrain soldiers when the military already has a policy of burning Bibles?

    How can anyone possibly know the True Christ — without a faithful witness or without the Word of God?

    The Bible guarantees that they will most certainly reap what they’ve sown … apart from the grace of Christ.

    Those that kill their own children (50+ million), create an institutionalized slave class of migrants (by the 10’s of millions), which are used to transport addicting drugs, illegal arms, and laundered money (by the billions, $50B+/year), and funnel rivers of blank checks to their cronies from stolen taxes (by the trillions) … far far short of absolute power have already become absolutely corrupt.

    And they’re just pawns for the rebel angels their real gods.

    When the US won’t listen — the instruction is to wipe the dust off our feet — and turn the matter over to the Almighty.

    He’s very effective at wringing the last good remnant out of genocidal and suicidal nations. Take Israel for instance as an example.

  2. James A. Burt

    It’s obvious that these are scripted provocations designed to maintain animosity in theatre, continuing the occupation recommended in Zbigniew Brzezinski’s “The Grand Chessboard: American Primacy And Its Geostrategic Imperatives”.

  3. James A. Burt

    The Crusade continues in Africa. This time the “Kony Crusade”. Get this–an encirclement to replace the cold war focusing on Islam. This is not theoretical.

  4. Christie C.

    Can anyone tell me why that soldier who is suspected of the mass murders in Afghanistan is now being literally trashed by the ‘main stream media’ outlets in this country, Fox included?–since when would that man’s financial difficulties back home have a single thing to do with what it’s claimed he did?–also, rumors began right away that there was something ‘wrong’ with his marriage–now, they are telling us all about how he’d defaulted on one mortgage, and is now trying to sell his current home for $50,000 less than it’s worth–what are they up to with all of this gossip about the man?!–they’ve now told us all about a citation he received for falling asleep at the wheel of his car–also, they made it known today, that he’d been involved in some sort of vehicular accident in which they claimed he ‘RAN AWAY’ from the scene, into the woods, with blood on his uniform–those MSM people are doing a number on this man!!! They[Fox News] even made sure they mentioned that, while in Iraq those 3 times, his unit saw ‘very little action’–even though the man lost part of one foot due to some enemy engagement he’d been involved in–notice how a war hero has suddenly been turned into a pathetic, financial wreck with a rocky marriage, who saw little real combat, and who plotted and planned to carry out the slaughter of 9 innocent Afghany children, and their mothers, etc., then tried to burn some of their bodies–then, he supposedly ‘crawled’ back to the base, and turned himself in???!!!!–

    –Oh, if only I was Bugs Bunny–what a perfect time to take out my carrot, and while munching on it, ask the $64 question, “Eh–what’s up, Doc?!–obfuscation?”?!!!

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