P.I.D. Radio 12/19/11: Kim Jong What


Kim Jong Zilla

DEAR LEADER has shuffled off this mortal coil. 69-year-old Kim Jong Il, the, uh, eccentric dictator of North Korea, died over the weekend, reportedly of a heart attack. The question now is whether a fight over Kim’s succession will follow. Unstable governments with nuclear weapons are not exactly the stuff of pleasant dreams.

Also: Eric Holder accused of a coverup linked to the Oklahoma City bombing; Operation Fast & Furious possibly a CIA op; ICE prepares for “mass migration”; and a mysterious white web found growing on nuclear waste in South Carolina.

Note: The allegation that Attorney General Holder was responsible for authorizing the supply of explosives to Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols may be part of a disinformation campaign.  The accusation can not be verified at this time.  See here and here.

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2 comments on “P.I.D. Radio 12/19/11: Kim Jong What

  1. Aaron Shay

    Gilberts ~Greetings from my bunker to yours ~ Loved finding this posted; thanks for getting this day off to a fantastic start!… Did you see the recent assessment (DOC or Hist or PBS, some such ) of the “Most Controversial” films of all time. Number One?…. Yeah, you guess it! The Passion of the Christ. By the way, you can catch James Caveziel in Person of Interest on Thursdays…(along with ‘quirky’ Michael Emerson, “Lost.”… Just an observation here: Anti-government and anti-elite themes apparent in some several mainstream televsion series of late… a new generation of screenwriters or market response to the public sentiment ?

    Have blessed Holiday ~ A.S.

  2. ghillie

    Hello Sharon and Derek,I just wanted to share something with you. Over here in Australia in the sunny State of Queensland I work with profoundly disabled people . One of my workmates is from Pakistan and he is a kind, caring and gentle man and a gentleman. He is also a Wahabi Moslem. Today he wished me a cheerful and heartfelt ” Merry Christmas “. This meant a lot to me particularly as the Google Icon greets me with ” Happy Holiday”.

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