P.I.D. Radio 10/30/11: All Hallows’ Eve


Gods GhostbustersIT’S HALLOWEEN weekend, a holiday that has become one of the biggest on the calendar of many Americans.  What lies behind the costumes? We discuss the chapters we contributed to the new book God’s Ghostbusters.

Also: Syria’s Assad warns interference will burn the region; Eurozone bailout likely to fail; 3 million without power in early snowstorm; Girl Scouts allow boy to join troop because he’s living like a girl; and mind-controlling parasites.

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4 comments on “P.I.D. Radio 10/30/11: All Hallows’ Eve

  1. nomemoleste

    Minor hum, ignorable. From the frequency (~1500 hz), more likely induced from computer than fluorescent lights (60 hz). It stopped by 3:50 in to the broadcast after you said you’d make a back-up recording.

    Perhaps you plugged in something that put a termination on a pick-up?

  2. Gonny

    More paranormal shows starting to air. Paranormal Witness (a new one of Syfy) showed an episode that had a family with poltergeist activity consult a medium who told them to make an altar to the spirit haunting them. Well after the father of the family destroyed the alter, activity increased and went wild. Solution? Move out. Message? Evil spirits are too strong.

    It’s sad how they portray these evil spirits as too strong to do anything about while coloring priests and pastors ( who the family calls later but does nothing to help the family) as also helpless, uncaring, “religious” folks who have no authority over them.

    In either case, we need more PID Radio. Blessings Sharon and Derek.

  3. Aaron Shay

    UNESCO granted membership for Palestinians yesterday as the first of United Nations’ agencies to welcome and grant membership. The USA, Holland, Germany and Canada were among the 1/3 who voted against the petition before the UNESCO assembly; 2/3 of the assembly voted in favor of recognizing /welcoming Palestinian membership which passed to thunderous applause ~~~~ Not coincidentally, the UNESCO vote took place yesterday, October 31st.

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