P.I.D. Radio 11/7/11: National Emergency Test


EASFOR THE first time since the Emergency Broadcast System was invented in 1963, Americans will experience a national test of the Emergency Alert System. The test at 2:00PM EST (GMT -5) Wednesday will be sandwiched by a close fly-by of YU-55, a 1231-mile wide asteroid, Tuesday night, and an exercise Thursday to test our response to a disastrous Pacific tsunami.

It could be an interesting week.

Meanwhile, war drums continue to beat in Israel and Iran; Roman Catholic bishops in Germany preach chastity while selling porn; vengeful librarians watch Facebook for the CIA; Hobby Lobby tries to buy the Crystal Cathedral; and we cough a lot.

Sharon was interviewed by Stacy and Randall Harp of Active Christian Media for their show that streamed earlier today on BlogTalkRadio.  Listen to the show by clicking here.

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3 comments on “P.I.D. Radio 11/7/11: National Emergency Test

  1. Been there

    RE: Coughing

    Sound Control Booths can be very DRY! Dry air creates coughing!!!

    Hang a few wet towels around for nice moisture!!!

  2. ghillie

    Hello Sharon and Derek,as always it was great to listen to your show [ a week late on archives ]. I hope on your next program you go into more details about what’s come out about Herman Cain’s accusers and the sparsity of evidence against him. Also the evidence against at least one of his accusers. I’m no expert on the matter but I haven’t heard anyone state that Mr Cain was given a week’s warning. I know that he has been criticised for his reaction.
    I found the program about Lucifer to be slightly unsettling. Everyone has been wrong about certain ideas about Satan all these centuries? The mistranslations weren’t picked up? I was feeling tired the night I was listening to the podcast but the guest while talking about Satan’s ultimate punishment wasn’t [to me at least] making clear whether or not he thought Satan’s evilness was part of a job description of a position created by God!

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