P.I.D. Radio 3/13/11: Pray For Japan


IT’S DIFFICULT to grasp the magnitude of the tragedy in Japan. Some estimates place the ultimate death toll at above 10,000.  Before-and-after images of the stricken areas defy description.

While rescue teams continue to search for survivors, workers at damaged nuclear power plants frantically try to cool overheated reactors before they melt down, spewing radioactive material into the environment and adding to the death toll.  The Washington Post published an informative explanation of how the nuclear emergency developed.

Also: Ghadafi hangs on, and a dangerous new teaching about the Nephilim.

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4 comments on “P.I.D. Radio 3/13/11: Pray For Japan

  1. Tea Ice

    Quakes in Revelation:

    11 … 2 quakes (v.13 and v.19)
    12:16 … earth opens and swallows flood

    8:5 … at the start of the Trumpets (What begins in the Trumpets ends in the Vials — by the numbers.)
    16:18 … at the end of the Vials (the greatest quake)

    6:12 … Seal 6 quake, kings, great, etc. hide
    18:21 …Great Babylon “thrown down” (cp. 14:8, “is fallen, is fallen”)

  2. Christie C.

    I agree with you about that new teaching concerning the ‘modern day’ Nephilim! Once I realized what was happening as that idea began creeping forward from whomever started it, I saw nothing but danger, just as you have.
    Another dangerous idea being put forward somewhat, is the idea that, even though you may have been born fully human, somehow, through devious means, you can be ‘tampered with’, and somehow become a Nephilim unbeknownst to you–whoever is behind that idea has no real clue what that will do to some Christians, and others, who live on fear, not on trusting enough in God and Christ–talk about stirring up the villagers with torches, to get them to go after the ‘monster’!–

    –God is in charge of everything, and Christ is able to keep His own safe–we can’t forget that, and begin looking askance at everyone, wondering if they’ve somehow become a Nephilim, whether they wanted to or not.

  3. Christie C.

    P.S.–I forgot to say my heart just breaks for all those caught in that tremendous earthquake and tsunami, there in Japan–I’m praying for our heavenly Father to see them all through the aftermath, and lead as many as He knows will follow Him to His Son, Jesus, for life, eternal and daily, and for sheer comfort, and help in times of greatest need–may God help them all, and show them His mercy, and lead them to His Son Jesus for their salvation, amen.

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