P.I.D. Radio 4/17/11: St. Ronald of Hollywood


WE’RE BACK, mostly settled in the new bunker (this makes #7) and ready to go. This week, we discuss the apparent canonization of Ronald Reagan — even by the liberal media. Also: adventures in the Middle East, pipelining the Stans, and reaching a spiritual tipping point.

Here’s the link to the short film we mentioned, Cruel Logic by writer/director Brian Godawa, who will be Derek’s guest on next Sunday’s A View From the Bunker.

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7 comments on “P.I.D. Radio 4/17/11: St. Ronald of Hollywood

  1. Joseph

    Very good to hear you both again. Although, if I can pitch my two cents here, maybe fix up a new opening theme to coincide with the new bunker? – Joseph

  2. gonny

    Sharon and Derek! Welcome Back to the airways! You were missed! God Bless!

    And going off of the comment from Joseph, I am an audio engineer by trade so if you DO come up with a new concept for an intro, i would love to help put it together. Thanks!

  3. Aaron Shay

    WELCOME BACK ‘HOME’… (to Illinois). Just registered for Future Congress Conference coming up in Branson: WOW and WOW!!… The schedule, speakers, all of it promise to be unparalleled… See you there!
    Blessings, Aaron Shay

  4. beth vegh

    welcome back. 🙂
    my sis said they moved so often that she suspected her husband’s idea of a heavenly home would be a home on wheels, where he could just drive all over eternity with his couch and tv in the back. hehe

  5. Terry Hill

    Dear Sharon and Derek,

    I, like so many other listeners, have missed you! I have been praying for the three of you and am very glad you are back.

    I live on the outskirts of Denver Co. and there is something evil ramping up on this Most Holy of weeks. This is why I appreciate your ministry so much.

    Thank you for all that you do! You are in my prayers.

  6. Juan Grintzky

    No kidding, canonization is the best possible term for Ronald Wilson Reagan (Mr. 6-6-6). Conservative / Liberal, Right / Left — forget it. This is all misdirection and smoke-screen. The fact is, Mr. RWR is the most Vatican friendly president in US history until “W” came along. It is somewhat widely reported that in a meeting in Alaska with JP II, after the pope pronounced a litany of social and religious ills in America, Reagan knelt before him and said: “Holy Father, I give you my country.” So, in the catholic sense, he is a saint. Not to forget that skulking behind those RC saints are actually demonic fiends.

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