P.I.D. Radio 12/7/10: Pearl Harbor Remembered


THE DAY that will live in infamy, to borrow FDR’s words, dawned 69 years ago today. We feature a bit of audio from WWII veteran William Harvey of Indianapolis, who was on his way to Sunday school when the bombs began to fall on Pearl Harbor. Thanks to the Indianapolis Star for featuring this video today.

Also: Julian Assange turns himself in; New York City launches test “organ preservation unit” program; and Madness on the Motorway.

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  2. Mike

    I should mention also that the two women are represented by lawyer Clas Borgström, well known in Sweden and (in)famous for his assignment as defender for alleged serial killer Thomas Quick.

    Not so much info in the english versions but here you go:

    “They describe the handling of the Quick cases as the “most scandalous” chapter of Scandinavian crime history, branding it as glaring incompetence, naiveté and opportunism within the police and judicial system.”

    T. Quick confessed to 30 murders and was convicted for 8 of them. It turned out he was mentally unstable and drugged up and it was all lies. He was a notorious liar. All evidence was based on his stories and none of it on technical evidence. It is incredible how Clas Borgström can still be practicing after this outrageous incompetence, and worst of all, the real murderers are still free.

  3. Frank

    Some weird stuff going on these days, huh?

    Btw, sharon u had great research on billy meier the other day, I was impressed. A great background on him is in Jim Marrs’ alien agenda, as well as some other freaky stuff. Also abduction researcher joe montaldo has said that with billy he thinks there were real contacts. But, because of the fame, he may have faked some of the stuff too to stay in the spotlight.

    Keep up the good work!

  4. Mike

    One more update. One of the females, Anna Ardin, has moved to the village Yanoun on the West Bank, apparently to take part in an ecumenical and peacekeeping project (EAPPI).


    Her latest Twitter update translates to:
    “CIA agent, rabid feminist, muslim lover, a christian fundamentalist, lesbian & fatally in love with a man, can you even be all that at the same time …”

    Huh? She calls herself a “christian fundamentalist”, but it would be interesting to hear her statement of faith. My guess is that these charges against Assange will be dropped. Perhaps it was all just something to stir up controversy and create headlines around Assange.

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