P.I.D. Radio 12/6/10: Smells Like an Op


THE WIKILEAKS story continues to build, even though the more we poke at its roots, the more it looks like something other than a real security breach. Consider: the man who ratted out Pfc. Bradley Manning, Adrian Lamo, is a gray hat hacker who turned Manning in after spending nine involuntary days in California’s mental health system for Asperger’s Syndrome.

Now, we’re not disparaging anyone who genuinely suffers from the condition, only pointing out that a loose definition of Asperger’s can be applied to almost anyone who was ever described as a geek.  (And if that’s grounds for institutionalizing someone, then we’re a phone call away from being locked up.)

Consider also that WikiLeaks’ founder Julian Assange is accused of a sex crime in Sweden (not rape, as has been reported, but for something called “sex by surprise” — i.e., a malfunctioning condom) by a woman who apparently worked with a CIA-linked group in Cuba.  And note that Lamo admittedly works for a semi-secret government contractor called Project Vigilant.

All in all, this looks like a controlled leak or an intelligence turf war.  The question, as always: who benefits?

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  2. frederick

    that diagnosis is downright frightening. Reminds me of the episode of mid 80’s Twilight Zone where this little kid is seen worrying all night about a test at school and you find out at the end of the episode that his score was “too high”.

  3. Mike

    We only have “sex by routine” here, “sex by surprice” is forbidden. Hahahahaha! The whole thing looks like a psyop including the charges against Assange in Sweden, first it was rape, then it was dropped, and so on… very strange. Also the attorney generals website in Sweden has been “hacked” by a group of Assange supporters by the name “Anonymous”. Although a spokesperson for the attourneys office said it was just overloaded causing TCP errors and timeouts according to their ISP, the media maintain the idea that it was “hacked”. Well it should be interesting to follow this, I’m just worried about how the mainstream media has swallowed Wikileaks hook, line and sinker as the new source for “truth”.

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