P.I.D. Radio 10/29/10: 13 Skulls


13 CRYSTAL skulls were brought to New York City for an “activation gathering” on 10/10/10, just three days before the daytime UFO sighting over the Big Apple. The UFOs may have been a hoax or runaway birthday balloons, but somebody sure wants us to believe that our space brothers are about to reveal themselves.

Also: Arizona police downplay occult connection to beheading in Chandler; Next Day Air terror event averted; mystery hum in Hull, England; and Mount Merapi continues to rumble.

Here’s the link to The Pedophocracy, Part 1 by Dave McGowan.

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  2. Mike

    Regarding the hum in Hull, what it might be is a plasma up in the air that is modulated with a sound signal. Pretty much the same principle as amplitude mudulation. Remember the Norway spiral and the EISCAT facility, that can beam high levels of energy and create plasmas. The principle of plasma speakers can easily be demonstrated, just search youtube for “plasma speakers”.

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