P.I.D. Radio 10/27/10: The Wiki War


ISN’T IT odd that WikiLeaks offers preview copies of secret government documents to major media outlets like the New York Times, Washington Post, and the Associated Press before posting them to the web? Our theory: Julian Assange is a conduit for stuff the CIA wants published, and it’s not a coincidence that the documents make the Iranians look like villains.

Also: Indonesian volcano kills its spiritual guardian; Arizona police investigate the role of Saint Death in beheading; and Michelle Obama’s $400 million “food desert” scam.

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  2. Marion Skare

    Like your show. Just wanted to let you know, yes we do have grocery stores in Fargo, ND, but you still have to buy the nutritious food that’s in them.

  3. Paul Collins

    Remember that the CIA is not monolithic in nature.

    There are several different intelligence fiefdoms that make up the agency.

    So, if the Assange is acting on behalf of agency interest, the question is what faction.

    The evidence seems to suggest “private intelligence” interests behind Assange; Soros is connected to WikiLeaks and Assange was involved with the Santiniketan Park Association as a child (his mother and him fled that particular New Age cult when he was young, but they still could of had a lasting influence on him).

    It is not hard, by the way, to make the Iranians look like villains; the Ahmedinejad faction of the Iranian elite does a fine job all by itself.

    What is wrong is presenting Iran’s political establishment in a manichean context. There are factions that are dedicated to real reform. The fact that a manichean portrayal of Iran is what appears in the WikiLeaks documents is what should raise eyebrows. Who wants war at this juncture?

  4. Mr IMF

    Lets see Iran has a apoplectic world view and so do you….both based upon more myth than theological truth.

  5. Paul Collins

    Mr. IMF,

    Nothing you said makes any sense.

    “Apoplectic” mean immovable. Yet, Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani and Khamenei are perfect examples of how Iranian world views are in flux. They differ with Ahmedinejad on many of the central issues in Iran.

    Political thought in Iran is non-monolithic and a counter-revolutionary model is gaining traction there.

    Define “theological truth.” And show how what I believe runs contrary to it. First, you would have to know what I believe in terms of theology, which you don’t.

    Define “myth” as well and show how what I believe falls into that category. Again, you would have to know what I believe in terms of theology, which you don’t.

    It sounds to me like you are just trying to sound intellectual and you’ve fallen flat on your nose.

  6. Derek

    Remember that the CIA is not monolithic in nature. There are several different intelligence fiefdoms that make up the agency. So, if the Assange is acting on behalf of agency interest, the question is what faction.

    Paul: you’re absolutely right. Rather than “CIA”, we should more properly say “elements within the intelligence community”. Obviously, with the resources at our disposal, we have no way to know exactly who’s behind Assange and WikiLeaks.

    All we can do is look at the big picture and try to draw broad conclusions. Somebody wants us to believe Iranians are evil, and presumably those people would benefit from a war with Iran.

  7. Derek

    Lets see Iran has a apoplectic world view and so do you…

    Ha! No, I haven’t had an apoplectic worldview since Steve Bartman interfered with that fly ball at Wrigley Field in the 2003 NLCS.

  8. mlo

    Food deserts are quite real depending upon the part of the country you are in. There are many places where only junk food is available due to the fact that it stays longer on the shelf and is much less expensive for the shopkeepers to keep in inventory.

    What is in the store is very important.

    Also, Lady Bird did do a great deal of good with pushing through limits on the number of billboards allowed per so many miles on our highways. You would not have scenic drives available if it had not been for her initiatives.

  9. Mr IMF

    Sorry I can not type very well with my iPad..and my nose really hurts. The belief in end times is a uniquely U.S myth.

  10. Derek Post author

    OK, that explains the spelling. My iPod sometimes makes some interesting decisions on what it thinks I’m trying to type.

    Regardless, your assertion is demonstrably false. End times prophecy dates back thousands of years, and such beliefs are held by Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, and many other religions all over the world.

  11. Derek Post author

    That may be true, mlo, but even with healthy food available in stores, many choose chips and soda over fresh fruit and vegetables. If there is money to be made selling apples — in other words, if there is demand — somebody will step up and provide them. Without a $400 million government program.

    Sadly, if this was the most wasteful idea to come out of Washington, we’d be in good shape.

  12. mlo

    I know a great deal more about the food industry than I want to due to food allergies. Unfortunately, the food industry has been allowed to use a variety of ways to increase the appeal of their less than “good for us” products. This has included advertising methods which are less than truthful, use of chemicals to stimulate eating, etc. If you haven’t seen the movie King Corn, I would suggest it for an introduction to just how screwy and crooked our entire agricultural quarter is. I know you are aware of the misdeeds of Monsanto, but it actually goes much deeper than that. ADM, Monsanto, and a great number of growers have done everything they can to keep the truth of how food is manufactured – and what goes into it – from people.

    A significant amount of our food comes from waste by-products and, despite claims to the contrary, have adversely affected our health for quite some time. Dieticians in the 1970s and early 1980s warned against much of what has happened in the last 30 or so years. They were very much like Cassandra.

    One last thing, remember, if no one teaches someone that this food is good and that food is bad, they won’t know to buy the healthy foods. There is a great deal of priviledge in thinking that everyone has access to cook nutritious foods – or can afford to. This initiative is one of the few good initiatives out there as, from what I understand of it, it includes an emphasis on teaching these skills. More and more people of all social classes have lost understanding of how to prepare meals.

    Also, historically, it is borne out that the free market does NOT work in providing for those in need. Every major depression in history was precursored by the belief in the free market being the savior of all. It just isn’t. Mixed economies are the only type that work in the long run. There is no real check and balance with privateers (which most industrialists are) as there are with government programs. Is government perfect? No. But the lies of Ronald Reagan coming to fruition are a large part of why our country is in the mess it is in today.

  13. Mr IMF

    Premillennialism was declared a heresy at the Council of Ephesus (431). Amillennialism soon became the prevailing doctrine of the Catholic Church and premillennialism was suppressed. Premillennialism, declared a heresy in ancient times, was reintroduced circa 1830. Most people credit John N. Darby with its resurrection.

    The whole 7 year tribulation , anti-christ and the rapture are very new beliefs coming from Darby’s interpenetration of scriptures.

  14. Paul Collins

    Mr. IMF,

    I never said I believed in Darby’s interpretation of scripture. In fact, I don’t.

    I have, by the way, noted the unhealthy fixation Evangelicals have with “End Times” theories. Several times, in fact.

    But what, pray tell, does any of that have to do with Assange’s leak…or any leak for that matter?

    You’re getting way tangential.

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