P.I.D. Radio 10/13/10: UFO Fail


TODAY WAS supposed to be the day UFOs appeared over major cities around the world. As of 7PM Eastern, all we’ve seen are some mylar balloons over New York.

Also: Chilean miners rescued; Michelle Obama prays for “clean spirits”; the G20 plans a global currency; and Christianity Today offshoot promotes contemplative prayer.

Here are some of the articles linking the teachings of Chuck Pierce to kabbalah:

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  2. Listener

    re spells: once heard that, in the gnostic / pagan belief system, the spiritual world works like a soft drink machine. If you know the right rules and techniques, press the button, and the beverage of your choice comes out. How different is that from praying to our Father, who art in heaven.

  3. Mark Blicharz

    Well not so sure yet. There was a night sighting around 9:30pm. I’ve heard of reports from nyc, san fran, moscow, china. LA Marzulli is looking into one in Malaysa. It would seem to me the way to kind of wink at us and not cause a panic. I believe they were s’posed to reveal themselves in stages tho’ not sure. I don’t believe they are extra terrestrial. I believe Marzulli’s nephillum idea.

  4. Mark Blicharz

    Don’t forget this was thr 93rd anniversary of the Fatima sightings where the sun was said to dance about in the sky. We saw lights dancing around in the sky last night in several places.

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