P.I.D. Radio 10/14/10: Arizona Vampires


ANOTHER DISTURBING story from Chandler, Arizona (which is right next to Gilbert): following last week’s news of a decapitation murder comes the story of a man who was stabbed by his roommates, professing vampires, because he didn’t want them to drink his blood — again.

Also: China corners rare earths market; foreclosures hit record high in September; Joe Biden brings “ethnicity” to the White House; and Raiders News Live returns to Blog Talk Radio.

Here’s the link to Derek’s interview on Active Christian Media, hosted by Stacy Harp.  Sorry it took so long, Stacy!

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  2. Trevor Jones


    I’m a regular listener. Can you do a similar spot on the significance of the # 33, the same as you did for the # 70? The story about the rescue of the 33 miners.


  3. Stacy Harp

    No worries. I laughed when I heard you guys talking on the show yesterday. Just wanted to make one thing clear though, I have always taken the scripture literally, and it was my time recently in Chuck Missler’s studies through his K-House university, that I got fascinated with the nephilim stuff, which led me to some of the stuff that Tom Horn did with him. What I thought you guys were crazy about is the sci-fi stuff, but now it appears I’m a convert because of all this other stuff. 🙂 BTW, one of my best friends has started listening to your show since you were on mine.

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