P.I.D. Radio 9/20/10: Russ Dizdar — Satanic Science


Black Awakening

THE PROPHET Daniel was told that knowledge would increase at the time of the end. Certainly the pace of scientific discovery over the last hundred years is like nothing in history. Where does it lead?

Russ Dizdar of Shatter the Darkness Ministries and author of The Black Awakening discussed the technology behind mind control, “super soldiers”, and weapons for the battle at the end of the age: Armageddon.

Sharon and Derek will speak at the Supernatural Science and Prophecy Conference October 1 and 2 in Canton, Ohio, along with Russ Dizdar, Tom Horn, and Jeffrey Radt. For more information, see www.ControlledMinds.com.

The Revelations Radio Network has a new website! Take a look and give a listen to a great group of like-minded Christian podcasters.

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  2. Paul Collins


    It is in my neck of the woods (Ohio). But I stay away from prophecy conferences like the plague; too many people trying to get the facts to conform to their vision of the eschaton.

  3. Rose

    I had a voice-to-skull incident once. Perhaps I should include this in the Eph. 6:12 broadcast, but since Russ mentioned it, I’ll tell the story here.
    I was 10. It was a beautiful, Colorado Saturday and I was procrastinating. It was my job to clean my gerbil’s cage, and, despite the fact that I loved this little animal and took very good care of her, I had not yet mastered the art of “doing the routine routinely”.
    As I was fidgeting on the couch and looking out my parents’ picture window and wishing I was bicycling in the hills, a voice asked me, “If someone were to die in your family, whom would you choose?”
    It was not my voice, nor was it the voice of the Holy Spirit (I made a commitment to Christ when I was seven and I knew His voice already). It was something unseen, directly behind me. It didn’t frighten me; I took it as a philosophical question.
    Well, I thought, my grandmother, no; my dad, no; I paused at my mom. My mom and I had been at loggerheads for years already. As I began to contemplate this, something rose up on the inside of me and said to let it go. I did.
    I continued down the list: sister, brother, dog… well, I thought, since she’s the lowest on the totem pole, I guess if someone had to die, it would be my gerbil. The thought left me, and eventually I made my way downstairs.
    Her cage was made of two metal milk crates wired together. She had lots of open space to run. I lifted up the cage and it slipped out of my hand, landing squarely on her back. She was dead in 30 seconds.
    I was seared with grief. I had loved this little creature for three years and taken excellent care of her.
    That was almost 40 years ago, and I am still troubled by what happened, and what could have happened.
    If this demonic ability has been weaponized by our government, God help us all. I don’t understand how the thing could have known that I had unwittingly given my assent because none of this was verbalized.
    I also learned that procrastination and an idle mind are the devil’s playground.

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