P.I.D. Radio 9/13/10: Tom Horn — Forbidden Gates


Forbidden Gates

SCIENCE IS not a bad thing in and of itself. But it’s being used to essentially achieve apotheosis — to attain godhood — even though the chief proponents of the transhuman and posthuman movements probably wouldn’t characterize their goals in theological terms.

Tom Horn, co-author with his wife Nita of the forthcoming book Forbidden Gates, has been researching, writing, and speaking about the neo-gnostic direction of cutting edge genetics, robotics, artificial intelligence, and nanotechnology for years.  He describes the state of the research, the clearly metaphysical goals of some of the leading scientists in these fields, and how badly prepared the church is to address these issues.

Note:  sadly, it’s not possible for us to fix the poor connection with BlogTalkRadio tonight in post-production.  While it’s annoying to put up with the choppy audio, the information Tom brings to the table is well worth the trouble.

Sharon and Derek will speak at the Supernatural Science and Prophecy Conference October 1 and 2 in Canton, Ohio. Other speakers include Tom Horn, Russ Dizdar, and Jeffrey Radt. For more information, see www.ControlledMinds.com.

The Revelations Radio Network has a new website! Take a look and give a listen to a great group of like-minded Christian podcasters.

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15 comments on “P.I.D. Radio 9/13/10: Tom Horn — Forbidden Gates

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  2. Rose

    Great interview – I didn’t get a few pieces of it, however. What did the caller ask about Tesla and computers and “light energy”, and what was Sharon’s response?
    Also, what was the quote Tom Horn gave at the end of the interview of David Wilkerson’s?

  3. Ron

    Tom mentioned in the interview about placing special ink on the skin and viewing what ever you need. That was brought out in the series called “Hereos” where the leader of a circus was able to make this special ink to find people or what they need with the help of another that also had special abilities. Funny how things just come around. But as Solomon said “there is nothing new under the sun” God Bless! Maranatha, Come quickly Lord Jesus!

  4. Rose

    Transgenics would be very helpful in realizing Aleister Crowley’s dream of a hive mentality in a feudal system in which human “cattle” are herded and harvested as needed by an elite or ruling caste. No meddling middle class… no troublesome revolutions or constitutions…

  5. Cris Putnam


    I was getting some weird distortion from the stream so I just downloaded it and its still there? Is it just me? I’m out of town on my laptop. Anyway great show as usual.

  6. Cliff Garner


    While I was listening to the Tom Horn interview, I right clicked the link at the bottom for “Transhumanism” (I always am multitasking, and have been even before they had a name for it), and I found some really strange links to other programs on Blog Talk Radio. After the interview ended, I cued this up: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/raphiesthunder10/2010/07/24/angels-and-the-age-of-transhumanism

    Pretty boring, actually. His cliches are showing, and it bored me to the point of not being able to finish listening. I guess he is so concerned about maintaining “serenity” for his listeners that he is dull and drab beyond my taste at least. Actually, that is quite an accomplishment as far as it goes with the material he was discussing. I guess he is an angel channeler.

    Did I tell you that I found your program online because of your Peter Levenda interviews? Those were great! Are you going to have him on again soon?


  7. timbo

    This broadcast is a perfect example of why analog is better than digital. This applies to music, books, and most of all, human enhancement…

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