P.I.D. Radio 3/30/08: Vyzygoth – Beyond the Grassy Knoll


SEEKER of truth and deflater of cherished myths, our guest in the bunker tonight is Vyzygoth, host of the long-running Internet radio show From the Grassy Knoll. The title of the show changed as we clicked over into 2008, but his purpose is the same, and we’re glad to know that Beyond the Grassy Knoll continues to probe behind the headlines for the truth.

It’s through Vyz and his work that we were made aware of such P.I.D. favorites as Russ Dizdar, Paul & Phillip Collins, and Peter Levenda, and we encourage you to make Beyond the Grassy Knoll a regular listen.

With Sharon out with what appears to be the onset of a cold or the flu, Derek and Vyz spent an hour talking cryptopolitics: Who’s really calling the shots out there, how trustworthy is the media — especially the so-called “patriot” media — and how does one avoid crushing depression when dealing with evidence that the world isn’t what we think it is?


Note: P.I.D. Radio is now a part of the Revelations Radio Network, a collection of like minded Internet broadcasters. You’ll find all the shows collected at www.RevelationsRadioNetwork.com.

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4 comments on “P.I.D. Radio 3/30/08: Vyzygoth – Beyond the Grassy Knoll

  1. Margie

    I am a fairly new listener to PID radio and USUALLY enjoy your weekly show. However, I had to turn it off this week due to your guest’s ridiculous comments regarding Congressman Dr. Ron Paul.

    I will be researching Vysigoth’s web site for documentation of his vitriol against Dr. Paul, however I don’t expect to find any solid evidence.

    I do hope Sharon will be backnext week and that we will not be subjected to the rantings of Vysigoth in the future.

    Oh and BTW, why the “stage name” — Vysigoth ? Sounds fishy to me.

  2. vyzygoth

    hey margie:

    if that’s your real name.

    my name is keith hansen aka vyzyg0th.

    stage name?

    you have no idea of my origins or why that name is still used. but since you just dropped in out of Oz, i guess you just sort of know everything, don’t you?

    rant this, sister:

    human government is a corrupt construct no matter what your history book s and sunday school informed you about.

    if you want to discourse about ron paul’s bogus nature, you need not search my website, for i devote no space to such mountebanks.

    you can e-mail me directly, and, believe me, pilgrim, i’ll give you all you can handle.

    paul is a politician and, by extension, a lying sack of crap, which i will document by my recording of his two sets of responses to the same questions when interviewed by the mainstream and his sweetheart alex jones.

    you want to call me out? cool. now take me up on it, margie.

    let’s go. and spare me your idiot rants . . .

    you know, in fact, i’ll devote a whole show to stupid comments from idiots like yourself.

    and, oh yeah, ron paul will save the world . . .


  3. Derek Gilbert Post author

    Margie: I’m sorry I didn’t catch your comments when you wrote or I’d have responded sooner. Vyz is a little more direct than I am — probably his Jersey upbringing — but I agree with him completely.

    First: Vyz has been on the leading edge of alternative media for a long time, and we respect him as one of the few in the game who’s after the truth instead of a profit.

    Second: Please step back and think about this logically. If the system is thoroughly corrupt, owned body and soul by the oligarchs who’ve bought and paid for the men and women in Washington, D.C., how is a single man who doesn’t even have the support of his party is going to change it?

    And more to the point, exactly who is writing the checks to finance Dr. Paul’s campaign? Somebody with money wants him in this game, which means that the same players that guys like Alex Jones and Jack Blood rant about every day have directed Dr. Paul’s improbable campaign.

    Then you have to ask why the “mainstream alternative” media, led by Alex Jones, has worked so hard to convince us that Ron Paul is our savior, the man who will single-handedly save us from the New World Order.

    It comes down to this: If the game is rigged, then the candidates who make it as far as Dr. Paul can only get there with the help of those who run the game.

  4. mike

    vyz. runs a religeous cyop interviewing men and is to lazy to get a companion bible and a strongs concordance to study for himself just like alex he struggles to figure out whats going on to document this he has the idiots paul sandhu and the superprotestant idiot gordon comstock who wont even use his real name

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