P.I.D. 3/21/08: Dr. Jerome Corsi — The Disappearing Dollar


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WE’RE honored to welcome back to the bunker Dr. Jerome Corsi, author of The Late Great USA and regular contributor at WorldNetDaily. Jerry is beginning to look like a prophet as the scenario he described in his book plays out in the headlines.

Is it logical to assume that the financial wizards at the Federal Reserve Bank didn’t know that inflating the money supply would result in a devalued dollar, double-digit inflation (which it has, regardless of what the government’s phony CPI reports say), and an unsustainable credit bubble that had to burst?

No, says Dr. Corsi, this was deliberately engineered to destroy the economy in order to convince Americans that we need to become part of a North American Union to keep up with the new #1 economy in the world, the European Union.

Then comes the Transatlantic Economic Council, but we’ll get into that in another show.

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5 comments on “P.I.D. 3/21/08: Dr. Jerome Corsi — The Disappearing Dollar

  1. Marty Man

    Dear Sharon and Gilbert,
    Would you please help me if you can?
    I’m having trouble downloading your 3/21/08 Disappearing Dollar mp3 file. I’ve tried both my usual methond of control click on the link and also through my iTunes subscription. Both have stalled out very early. Is it me, or is there a problem with this file?

    I’m a dedicated listener to your podcasts for several years., and have downloaded many through both of the above techniques.

    Marty Man

  2. Alan in San Diego

    Marty Man keep trying. I finally got it (all 13.7megs) after a number of tries.

    Jerome Corsi has a full two hour DVD titled “The Late Great USA”. It is all about the coming USA merger with Mexico and Canada. The Amero is of course covered. You can order it from Chuck Missler’s khouse web site. It’s $20 and worth every dime! I’m not at all sorry to have a copy. http://store.khouse.org/store/catalog/DVD50.html

  3. Derek Post author

    Marty: Alan is right, the file is there. I don’t know why there is a problem. Maybe it has something to do with heavy web traffic from basketball fans hitting NCAA.com to watch the tournament online!

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