P.I.D. Radio 11/3/13: FutureQuake Southern Hemisphere


FutureQuake Southern HemisphereWE MISS Doctor Future and Tom Bionic.

Oh, we know they’re out there, and we have communicated with them from time to time since they hung up their headphones in February of 2012 after seven years and some 300 programs.  FutureQuake was one of the best and most thoughtful programs on the web, examining the big issues of faith and life from a biblical point of view.

You may know that a group of people south of the equator have picked up the banner and are continuing the good work.  It was our honor this weekend to be guests on FutureQuake Southern Hemisphere with hosts GK Vader, Andie Tyd, and Crus Ader in what turned out to be a wonderful, freewheeling discussion of transhumanism, dominionism, and why all of us commit so much time to researching topics you normally don’t hear discussed in church.

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  1. M

    I loved the FutureQuake podcast. I will definitely look into the new iteration. But… toward the end of FQ 1.0, when they started doing mostly news-y items and just chewing them over, they stopped straight-up saying what they meant, and the over-all sensation was one of hinting that they were becoming Palestinian sympathizers. They never drew a definite bead on their point, but the whole flavor and heft of where they were driving the show, while frustratingly murky, left a terrible flavor in my mouth and a heavy chest feeling for hours after listening. I kept listening, hoping to get a fix on what they were trying to convey. I wasn’t particularly sorry when it petered out. It was time.

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