P.I.D. Radio 8/19/13: The NSA Strikes Back


THE PARTNER of Guardian reporter Glenn Greenwald was detained at Heathrow Airport in London for nine hours Sunday under the UK’s Terrorism Act. Encrypted files from whistleblower Edward Snowden, on a portable computer drive intended for Greenwald, were among items confiscated from David Miranda.  Comes word this afternoon that the White House had advance knowledge of Miranda’s detention — although, a spokesman said, “it’s not something we requested.”

Meanwhile, we learn that Snowden began downloading NSA files a year earlier than previously reported, while he was an employee of computer maker Dell Inc.  Also, the NSA awards North Carolina State a record grant to study data analysis; Verizon invited to participate in a $10 billion contract to provide cloud services to the government; and scientists call for papers on how to build a golem.

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4 comments on “P.I.D. Radio 8/19/13: The NSA Strikes Back

  1. Michael

    Hello Derek and Sharon. I love the show! I’ve listened to, pretty much, all of them!

    I follow Canary cry radio also, and Rus Dizdar. Skiba, Putnam, Missler. You name it!

    Though I have to admit I’m very worried about one the flock. Johnny Mcmahon from the Iron show. I LOVE that show too (takes getting used to though) and I think something isn’t right. The last show was with Rabbi Mike but there hasn’t been one since. Have you guys heard from Johnny at all, or Mathew miller?

  2. Gary Jackman

    I was listening to your Podcast named ‘Trash Bins Are Stalking You’ and was very surprised to hear the joke of the President Truman’s comment about Soviet art and his intended sarcasm of comparing himself as being a Hottentot if that was art.

    I was wondering whether you looked up the word Hottentot before you mentioned it, or it just came out inadvertently. I am a regular listener to your Podcasts and think that you are doing a great job. However, some of the flippant remarks may be construed differently to the varied audience who listens to your Podcasts.

  3. Derek Post author

    Hi, Gary,

    No, we hadn’t looked up the word. It’s been out of use for decades, at least here in the U.S., and we weren’t aware of its origin.

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