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HolographicIT SOUNDS like science fiction. Or possibly like something from the New Age movement.  Discoveries from the world of physics make it appear that the universe is a lot less “real” than we think.  And yet a careful analysis suggests that it’s all part of an elegant and unimaginably complex design.

Chuck Missler, president of Koinonia Institute, discussed how modern physics, while perhaps shattering our traditional understanding of the material universe,  actually points to the Creator of the universe, the One who spoke it into existence: Yahweh, the God of the Bible.  (If it all sounds too weird, maybe it’s because physics is weird.)

Here is a selection of other articles on the subject from Chuck Missler — in case your mind isn’t quite blown enough.

This interview from the Prophecy Summit at Branson is one of a series that we’ve been posting over the last few months. Video of these interviews will be part of a DVD set that is being produced by Prophecy in the News.

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17 comments on “P.I.D. Radio at Prophecy Summit: Chuck Missler

  1. Florestan

    It’s this just stuff Missler is talking about just Gnosticism and Eastern mysticism? I wonder if since Jesus wasn’t real and his blood is just a hologram then is his death on a cross and my Salvation or everyone else’s just an illusion? This is everything every New Ager on Coasttocoastam believes. SERIOUSLY This stuff is wicked, as much as Missler may make it sound Christian, it is not and this belief will invariably move you from the Narrow path. I personally don’t like Missler’s tactics. He first comes on a gives a list of professional accomplishments and superlatives and people’s mind just click off and go into non-critical thinking mode. This reaction to a Teacher is worldly. Personal accomplishment in the professional world should not be a nonplus to Christians, it should be meaningless. I’m not saying his isn’t Christian but he can’t be a teacher and this guy has gone on too long without a hard rebuke.

  2. Derek Post author

    I must respectfully disagree. When and where has Missler said that Jesus isn’t real?

    With all due respect, you’re not criticizing Missler, you’re taking issue with current theories in physics. Missler only shows how, contrary to prevailing thought in scientific circles, these recent discoveries prove the truth of scripture.

  3. Florestan

    Here’s the rub, I disagree with the Science and the theological implications of this belief. Ultimately I don’t care who Missler is. I care insomuch as it concerns the Church. If you want a good illustration and debunking of this pseudo science look at the Stoner and New Ager favorite What the Beep do we know Debunked movie on You Tube. This will take care of the science aspect of these claims now on to the theological.
    This belief that reality is a hologram and an Illusion is Antichrist. In fact it is Antichrist by definition of the Bible. I have no doubt that Missler in this theory believes that Jesus Christ is the Saviour and the Son of God, that unfortunately is not the issue.
    From the Book of John we see that ” Jesus is the word made Flesh” there are many passages concerning God in the Flesh. I shall grates you the sum, here is the critical issue;
    1st John Chapter 4
    Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world.
    Hereby know ye the Spirit of God: Every spirit that confesseth that Jesus Christ is come in the FLESH is of God:
    And every spirit that confesseth not that Jesus Christ is come in the FLESH is not of God: and this is that spirit of antichrist, whereof ye have heard that it should come; and even now already is it in the world.

    This passage is the definition for the Spirit of AntiChrist.
    Here are some things that this passage DOES NOT say;”
    “And every spirit that confesseth not that Jesus Christ is the SON OF GOD, GOD HIMSELF is not of God”
    “And every spirit that confesseth not that Jesus Christ is the SAVIOUR OF MANKIND is not of God”
    “And every spirit that confesseth not that Jesus Christ is KING OF KINGS is not of God

    The problem of this theory is that it rejects Jesus coming in the Flesh. Who would think that would be a problem, but I guess it is. A hologram is made of light. Not flesh. Jesus being an illusion would by definition be not real, therefore not Flesh. A phantasm is insubstantial by definition not flesh as I guess Missler thinks his desk is. This is also cousin of the Gnostic believe that Jesus was a Spirit and didn’t leave footprints.
    You said Derek, that Missler is now using recent discoveries to prove scripture. He’s not. There is no part in the Bible that has been a secret that has only now had an acceptable explanation. I would as a note also point out the word recent; this is not recent. Missler has been pushing this idea for about 25 years now even before these brand new scientific break throughs. I had a few of his first books these ideas are in there. He has not suddenly stumbled on a eureka moment in light of hard scientific facts he’s believed this for a long time, in spite of a lack of hard scientific facts.
    I hope that this helps you, my aim is to keep the Bride of Christ pure in my own very small way.

  4. Derek

    Respectfully, you’re still missing Missler’s point. He is not pointing people away from the cross, and that is the bottom line. He is taking aim at the New Age teachings you rightly oppose.

    Nor is he using modern science–and I suggest that the last quarter-century is, in the scope of human history, “recent”–to explain the Bible. Rather the opposite: His purpose, to the best of my understanding, is to show that the Bible had it right all along and that we don’t need modern science to understand the nature of the cosmos.

    I appreciate your desire to hold fast to the Truth. I just think Missler is shooting at the same target.

  5. aVoice

    Google Missler plagiarism. I don’t trust this rascal for anything. This guy is in it only for the money.
    As a matter o fact, right now you can go hear him speaking at a conference in Coeur d’Alene ID. But, of course, you’re going to have to cough up some bucks.


    General: $85
    KI Member: $70

    Sunday Brunch Cruise

    $75 (Does not include conference admission)

    KI Workshops (KI Members only)

    $50 (Does not include conference admission)

    Dinner and Q&A with Chuck Missler & Joseph Farah

    $75 (Does not include conference admission)

    Just think, you could have a private dinner with Chuck and actually ask him questions. But it’s going to cost you an extra 75 bucks. And they added 200 bucks of extras from the 85 bucks it cost to get in.

    I could see Paul pulling this kind of crap. Or even John the baptist.

    This guy makes me sick. Shame on you Derek for defending this rascal.

  6. Derek


    You’re entitled to your opinion, of course. And there are issues about Chuck and source material that are worth noting.

    You might also mention that Chuck gives away a lot of his stuff. About 937 articles, if my math is correct, at this page alone.

    You can also subscribe to his podcast and download all those programs free of charge. I have about a month’s worth on my iPod right now.

    If you prefer video, there is the Koinonia House Youtube channel. I lost count after three dozen on the first page.

    You can also subscribe to his mailing list for free. That’s a lot of content available at no charge whatsoever.

    Now, you can disagree with his teachings or his methods, and that’s fine. If he’s in this just for the money, however, he’s got a lousy business model.

  7. aVoice

    That is the point… he has a business model.

    How did Jesus do His ‘business’ model.

    IT’S A BUSINESS!!! IT’S for money!!!

    Plus, he has never repented from his plagiarism. He made money from it. Why didn’t he give that money to the guy he plagiarized? Because the money is more important than the principal.

    Again, shame on you for continuing to defend him.

  8. Derek Post author

    My point was that if Chuck Missler is in this for the money, he’d give away a lot less of his material. It takes time and money to produce audio, video, and print resources, and a lot of it, as you’ll see if you click those links I offered, is available to you at no charge whatsoever. Nobody is forcing you or anyone to buy Chuck’s books, tapes, or DVDs, nor does he require a subscription fee to download the mp3 archives of his radio program.

    Now, I can’t speak to the plagiarism issue because I haven’t researched it. It appears that there is truth behind these claims. If he has in fact appropriated material without credit or compensation, he absolutely should apologize and make amends with the aggrieved party or parties.

    My defense of Missler is limited to this: People accusing him of teaching New Age occultism are flat wrong. Some of those same people are accusing Sharon and me of New Age heresy for daring to look into phenomena like transhumanism and the vampire/werewolf fascination of today’s youth.

    Apparently calling attention to these issues is, in some minds, akin to luring people into these aberrant beliefs. Follow that thinking to its logical end and you find book burnings. It would seem that we’re better off to pretend these things don’t exist rather than trying to present a biblical defense for the hope we have in Christ.

    Shame over defending that position? No, sir.

  9. aVoice

    This guy is making a ton of money in book sales, cd sales, conferences and cruises. So much that he has been purchased a resort in New Zealand. Taken from his web site:

    We have acquired an ongoing business and property in the middle of the North Island of New Zealand called the “River Lodge” (www.riverlodge.co.nz). The Lodge will continue to operate as it has in the past, as a wedding facility and corporate retreat center, and will be somewhat of a “tent-making ministry” as we reach for our real goal, which is to create the “Koinonia Discipleship Center.”

    And here are the prices:

    Day Pass:
    Saturday day sessions only, includes morning tea and lunch
    (9 AM-4:30 PM)
    $75 per person

    Day Plus Pass:
    Saturday day sessions, includes morning tea, lunch, dinner and Evening session (9 AM-9 PM)
    $125 per person

    Weekend Pass:
    Accommodation Friday & Saturday, dinner Friday, meals Saturday, breakfast Sunday, plus all sessions (Fri-Sun), plus DVDs of weekend
    $300 per person – Twin Share (Note: if a single or an odd number of people are booking with the twin-share option, we will match you up with another twin-share of the same sex. Rooms have two queen beds)
    $400 per person – Single (own room)

    Not only that he is acquiring other properties around the world. This happens to be his latest.

    Now, Derek, where is that in the scripture? That is, to amass wealth and property and charge people to become your disciple? Where is that?? First Chuck 1:1??

    This guy is in for the money BIG TIME. And if he plagiarizes along the way… as long as it turns a buck.

  10. Jeff Maze

    I can see both parties point and I have to agree that it appears money is a motivational factor, but then again we all have our issues and no one is perfect. Now to the more important topic of his so called New Age teachings. Some of you may think that I am off but I know that I am not but alot of false religions and teachings does contains truth in them. This is the biggest tool that the devil uses, mixing truth with lies. If you were to really read the bible for what it says and not for what we want it to say, then you will have to come to the conclusion that some of it sounds from a science fiction novel or movie. The difference is that the Holy Spirit bears witness with it and we accept it as fact but we cannot limit the Omnipotence and Supernatural in his dealings with man and with his grand design of the univers and everything else. Think about this and tell me to the natural mind how much of this makes “natural sense” but when you allow the Holy Spirit the opportunity to shed light on the subject and/or understand the depth of the Hebrew language then everything changes. Here goes: The foundation of our faith is that a diety decided to empty himself of his power and leave heaven and agreed to be artifically inseminated into a virgin woman. This diety would grow up to become Yeshua (Jesus) and by his lifestyle, teachings, knowledge of what life truly is. Because of his death, burial and resurrection and then ascension the Heavnely Father has placed his spirit of Adoption inside of us and now were Heirs of God and joint Heirs of Christ. We can have fellowship with God and Yeshua(Jesus)and now we have eternal salvation. Nothing about that story is Natural it is all Supernatural and yet it is the foundation of our faith. What is known is that the ancient world and it is included in the bible and also by verified physical evidence had a strong belief in the spiritual and supernatural, this is verified by the facts that the discliples were not afraid of demons nor suprised by them. The fact that I am getting at is that, God is so much bigger than the Bible and the Bible when read from the Hebrew perspective is different than reading from a newer language like English. The Hebrew alphabet has a numerical value to them which adds depth to all of its saying, BUT that never got translated by King James. Not so sure about Jesus being a Hologram but then again, who knows what Adam and Eve original body looked like or what a glofified body will look like when we all receive ours. It has to be something in order to longer be bounded by the Natural laws of physics (walking thru walls,ascending from hell to heaven and then seen again by men and then ascending to heaven, which is not in our dimension. We cannot discount how God does what he does and think it is taboo to think a little bit outside the box. God did say it is for the glory of kinds to search him out. On a personal note I believe that a glorified body could be somewhat holographic. Why? Explore the known plan of God at the end of physical time in the book of revelations once we enter into eternity. There will be people that will not die in the rapture and will live on the Earth when our Messiah establishes his 1000 year reign as KING in the Earth. Their will be no deaths during that time and yet they will still be able to have children. As we have seen just 20 years ago it wasnt even 2.5 billion people on earth and now it is over 7 billion people which means it doesnt take long to populate and then over populate a planet. And after satan is loose for a short while to do what he will, death will no longer be in existence and people will live forever. Where will the people go? Obvious they will go to the different planets which are in different galaxies thru out the universe and we also know that those who die in Christ will have a glorified body and will rule with him and you will be rewarded to what you have done on Earth. Some will perhaps rule over cities, blocks, mansions or maybe even planets. Again, our soon to be glorified bodies will have to be made out of SOMETHING to defy the laws of physics, I cannot say Holographic as to say that it isnt real but a projection, I wont say that BUT I will say this. Man (Asians) has demonstrated that they have the technology to create a hologram in which you can touch and feel it and if they are saying they have this, we all know they are farther along than what they will ever tell us. So now when you think of a Hologram it doesnt neccearly mean it isnt real, or doesnt have substance, it could mean its substance is different and yet it is as real as something physical. Hope this helped ( I do not want to add to any confusion or bad feelings. Have a great day Brothers and Sisters..

  11. Earnest Seeker


    : a three-dimensional image reproduced from a pattern of interference produced by a split coherent beam of radiation (as a laser); also : the pattern of interference itself

    That’s the Merriam-Webster definition. Does that sound like anything remotely corporeal? Sorry, but you are taking liberties with the definition of a hologram. Clearly, there is a difference between a three-dimensional image and an actual, physical person. There is no rationalizing away the theological flakiness of this guy’s claims.

    And, theology aside, the historical record reflects the fact that Jesus died in a corporeal form on the cross. Was his corpse a hologram, too? Just how dumb does he think people must be?

    Your own theology stipulates that Jesus had to die in the flesh to save us. Are you changing your mind now? I thought that the spirit of antichrist doesn’t acknowledge that Jesus came in the flesh.

    I’ll say it again… sounds like docetism to me.

    If the purpose of this program is to witness to others, it ain’t workin’. Nobody’s going to worship a hologram. Sorry, that’s just the way I see.

  12. S. Higgins

    Ernest Seeker
    Let’s see you give a better description of our Lord’s glorified body……
    I believe the fall did a great many things to God’s perfect creation, limits on the dimensions we as humans live in being one of them.

  13. Earnest Seeker

    Dude, whether or not anybody could articulate the glory of Jesus’ resurrected body, it remains a fact that it is supposed to be a physical one. I’ll say it again… holograms aren’t physical. Could you offer a theological argument instead of an empty emotional appeal, please?

  14. aVoice

    When you contemplate the love of money is the root of all evil, it’s not hard to see what is in store from this rascal if it hasn’t already happened. A new book. Priced at $22.95. HEY! Isn’t that the same price John the Baptist charged his readers?? Ga…

    Remember the “Rich Young Ruler”

  15. Perlee

    Chuck loves to speculate and he loves to be controversial. And yes every time he talks we have to hear a litany of his wonderful worldly (government and defense) work and just how brilliant he is. And yes he does get a free pass on just about anything he says/does because he is Chuck Missler.
    He and his wife teach a sort of “working off your sins in outer darkness” for some Christians not up to snuff when they reach the other side. See their book: The Power and The Glory. They get a complete pass from the whole Body of Christ on that heresy.

    Podcasters and authors have to promote and defend each other to keep themselves relevant.
    They create a mini world of mutual promotion within the Church, exploiting the fact that in this day and age there are multitudes of us hungering and thirsting for fellowship and teaching and have no where better to turn. They have exposed the Body of Christ to more occult information that is probably healthy for most of us in the guise of preparing us to reach the unsaved involved in the occult. They give more airtime to paganism than they do the Gospel. There is NO Biblical precedent for that method of saving the lost. Our mandate is to GO AND MAKE DISCIPLES OF ALL NATIONS, not equip the Body with scientific speculation and all things pagan/occult. People are dying while we we are entertained by these “leaders.”

  16. murray leslie

    we all stand before God & give account, chuck too, but the fact you are merely a simulation, is worth the addmission…

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