P.I.D. Radio at the Prophecy Summit: Avi Lipkin


Avi Lipkin

PRESIDENT OBAMA plans to bring millions of Muslims to America. That claim by author and former IDF spokesman Avi Lipkin will no doubt raise eyebrows (and possibly blood pressure).  Lipkin, who spoke at the Prophecy Summit at Branson on the threat posed by radical Islam, claims that a looming war in the Middle East will lead to a flood of Muslim refugees landing in the United States.

Agree or disagree, it’s an interview worth hearing if only to get a different perspective on the political and religious situation in the Middle East.

This interview from the Prophecy Summit at Branson is one of a series that will be posted over the next few months. Upcoming guests include Tom Horn, Joseph Farah of WorldNetDaily, Chuck Missler, Russ Dizdar, Doug Woodward, Gary Stearman, Noah Hutchings of Southwest Radio Ministries, Col. Stephen Bauer, and David Brennan.

Video of these interviews will be part of a DVD set that is being produced by Prophecy in the News.

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4 comments on “P.I.D. Radio at the Prophecy Summit: Avi Lipkin

  1. Buckethead Baptist


    I think I’ve listened to this 4 times since you posted it… I keep playing it for my family to hear.

    There are times when you have a great speaker on your hands… and its best to just point the microphone at them and let ’em go.

    Thanks for the audio!


  2. Dwayne

    O.M.G. That was an awesome interview, the information and insight of Mr. Lipkin is riviting. I have listened to hundreds of your interviews and this one struck a cord with me more than any other. Derek I have listened to your interviewing skills grow by leaps-and bounds. In a word “FAN-TAB-U-LOUS”. I will be listening to this over and over again. I am so blessed to have you and Sharon for a brother and sister.

  3. Derek Post author

    Thank you! I take that as high praise coming from you, brother. Now I have to go back and listen to remember what I did!

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