P.I.D. Radio 8/19/11: Magical Mystery Stench


MYSTERIOUS THINGS from around the globe:  San Diego residents report a mysterious odor; UFO at a major Chinese airport; and a Harvard biologist tries to recreate dinosaur DNA.

Also: H-P gets out of the computer and tablet business; news media re-tweeting; and the situations in Israel and Syria.

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5 comments on “P.I.D. Radio 8/19/11: Magical Mystery Stench

  1. Jack

    …by the way…I have a pun for Derek: If one goes on an expedition in ‘Lybia’ (as Obama calls it) and has a member of the Berber Tribe to carry one’s luggage could one call them a ‘Berber-Sherpa’?

  2. Jack

    Feel free to use and embelish at will…eg…if this group sang 4 part harmony would they then by ‘Barbershopper Berber-Sherpas?’…and if they were looking around for someone to cut their hair would they be barbershopping, Barbershopper, Berber-Sherpas?’…and if they decided to try out each other’s barbers would they be ‘barberswapping, barbershopping, Barbershopper Berber-Sherpas?…anyway, you can go as far with this as you like. I just thought of a few more after I posted yesterday.

  3. magic jack

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