P.I.D. Radio at Future Congress: Gary Stearman — The Luciferian UFO Agenda


Gary StearmanHISTORY REPEATS itself. “Aliens” have been here before, and they’re back with tempting technologies designed to blind the mind of modern man.

We have been conditioned to believe that technology is superiority. Actually, the applied sciences are now almost completely guided by the forces of a Satanic agenda, which for the last few decades, has enticed global society to wrap itself in the cloak of a false religion.

Gary Stearman, co-host of Prophecy in the News, joined us at the Future Congress on Emerging Threats and Challenges in Branson to discuss how the ancient fallen angels and their illegitimate offspring seduced mankind with promises of higher knowledge — and how they’re replaying their ploy with modern man. And he shared with us a personal UFO encounter that he’d never talked about in public before the Future Congress.

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3 comments on “P.I.D. Radio at Future Congress: Gary Stearman — The Luciferian UFO Agenda

  1. IndyRose

    This is off topic but I am SO pissed off about this one! The 19 of the 30 families of the fallen Navy Seals did not want media coverage so the President and White house agreed. Here is the photo they “leaked” of the President saluting the “containers”. Even though it was “tastefully” done it still is a breaking of the promise to the families.

    see http://weaselzippers.us/2011/08/10/pentagon-says-white-house-photo-of-obama-viewing-remains-of-fallen-seals-violated-families-wishes-were-blindsided-by-its-release/

    AND being a kid of a WWII vet, he isn’t even saluting properly anyway.

  2. chiliboots


    Wait a minute: you are so upset that you decided to promote it, yourself?

    What kind of double-talk is this? Are you expecting to form a crowd around
    your “indignation”?

    Trolls are not welcome on the Internet. You, and “My Gosh”, are transparent,
    lame and offensive. Or, just incredibly unintelligent, and inattentive.

    Either way, go bother someone who cares what you “think”. No one here does.

  3. stellas

    Where does Mr Stearman get his information about Lucifer representing the reptiles? I have never heard this theory.

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