P.I.D. Radio 7/31/11: From Future Congress to Super Congress


AS WE record this on the afternoon of July 31, 2011, the U.S. Congress is wrangling over details of a compromise to raise the federal debt ceiling.  Several news sources report that part of the deal includes the creation of a new twelve-member panel, six Democrats and six Republicans representing both houses of Congress, that would have the power to create fast-track legislation — bills that could be voted on by the full houses of Congress, but could not be filibustered or amended.

Well, why not.  If the president can order hits on American citizens without oversight of any kind then anything is constitutional.

Also: our report on the Future Congress; the chance that President Obama is impeached if he invokes the 14th Amendment to raise the debt ceiling; Nancy Pelosi on the level; memes from the Oslo shooting; the re-launch of Watcher Magazine; and more transhuman memes from TV and film.

Vote in our online poll: Is the budget crisis a ruse to impeach President Obama or to create a “Super Congress” that bypasses the legislative process? Is it both, or neither? Cast your ballot here.

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1 comment on “P.I.D. Radio 7/31/11: From Future Congress to Super Congress

  1. nomemoleste

    It takes millions of visitors and illegals crossing the border back and forth to transport the rivers of addicting drugs, arms, and laundered monies that fuel the $50 billion plus illegal drug consumption in the US.

    So it’s funny that only particular crime syndicates or cartels are tagged as national security risks. The rest get a token show of enforcement and prosecutions by the administration(s). It’s really obvious who makes money off the black market. (the rulers and merchants in bed with mystery babylon)

    And why would anyone not demon possessed give any more money to any official or politician that can’t or won’t meet a budget? Or protect a border?

    When you look at national leaders who do you see that looks like they might be hybrids or neo-nephilim? Assad, Prince Filipe, Juan Carlos, Obama, Pelosi, Vincente Fox perhaps?? Puppets for demon princes….

    As for Torchwood, sorry, I tried watching it but was put off by the blatant sex and blasphemy themes. The lead character’s immortality and immorality, including defeating apollyon coupled with homosexuality was more than I could stomach. It’s just more mockery like so much these days. (…not in the least Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh … no matter what they say, I can’t listen to them for even a few minutes.)

    I was really impressed with the futurecongress coverage. The roundtable discussions were excellent!!

    As for the poll. Sorry Sharon I have to side with Derek on this. There are no limits for the lawless (“do what thou wilt”). Biden has sidestepped official misconduct and competitive procurement rules in renting his cabin to the secret service. Clinton got away with outright perjury and adultery that would have gotten anyone in the military dishonorably discharged. To get back to the big lie atrocities of the nazis (cp. paperclip) there has to be active efforts to incrementally push the limits. (cp. divorce, abortion, gay marriage, massive debt and taxation, unjust foreign wars, etc.)

    As for “transdoggism…” mixing with felines… oh! the horror.

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