P.I.D. Radio 7/17/11: A Response to The Response


TEXAS GOV. Rick Perry is heading up a day of prayer in Houston on August 6th, an event called The Response. We find this disturbing for a couple of reasons: First, Gov. Perry references Joel chapter 2, which describes the demonic army that ravages Israel; and second, this event is coordinated and endorsed by prominent players within the New Apostolic Reformation.

Joel’s Army means something very different to the NAR than it does for most of us, and our prayer is that Gov. Perry means well but is uninformed about what these people are about. Please read the series of articles by Discernment Ministries on this event:

Sadly, leading evangelicals like Jim and Shirley Dobson have also endorsed this event.

Also: Cornell University invents a time shield; India angry over Monsanto’s GM cotton; debt ceiling posturing; and a look ahead to next week’s Future Congress in Branson, Missouri.

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1 comment on “P.I.D. Radio 7/17/11: A Response to The Response

  1. David Garrett

    Seems Mr. Dobson is lacking in the discernment area,man this is crazy stuff.No doubt the end is fast approaching,things are getting crazier everyday.The devil has his minions lined up and deception is rampant,God have mercy.Maybe Mr. Dobson will interview Rick Joyners boy Todd Bentley about the angel emma!!!!!!

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