P.I.D. Radio 1/21/11: Betelgeuse! Betelgeuse! Betelgeuse!


INTERNET DOOM seekers have picked up on a story from Australia about the red supergiant star Betelgeuse and spun it into a dire warning of impending destruction in 2012.  First, it’s based on a careless reading of the story; second, if it does happen, it might not be for another million years.  Personally, we’re more concerned with the threat posed by the Green Bay Packers’ offense.

Also: Yellowstone caldera bulges; Dubai islands for the rich sink; and Judge John Roll died a hero.

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  2. Ray

    I’ve almost figured out all the voices on the intro but can’t figure out that last one. It’s giving me problems. LOL. Love the show! Keep up the GREAT WORK and may God keep blessing your show.

  3. Christie C.

    Loved the show as usual.:)

    The 9th Circuit is known better, due to comments about it by comedians, Fox News hosts/news readers, etc., as the “9th Circus”, due to it’s oddball rulings at times–it’s very ‘liberal’ in it’s judicial make up is why–and, yeah, it serves California, among other states–‘splains alot about it, doesn’t it?:) To me, it does!

    And, the press hauled onto the tv screen every other hero from that awful shooting in Tucson, so why didn’t they ever mention Judge Roll’s heroism, especially because it sounds as though it was amazingly, almost over-the-top heroic?!

    And–apparently, Giffords doctors have now ‘reversed themselves’ when it comes to saying where they thought she’d been shot–they now claim she was shot in the front of the left side of her head, not the back of the head–and they called in some doctors familiar with combat injuries in order to be certain about it–however, I thought when someone is shot, the entry wound is smaller than the exit wound–so, shouldn’t it have been fairly obvious to them, since the back of her head may have had a much larger wound in it than the front?! Nevertheless, if she was shot while facing that gunman, she was probably looking at him when he shot her!

    And, I don’t know if you pay any attention to that strange, but unfortunately fascinating, Etemenanki website run by goroadachi, and I usually don’t read there any more at all–but, I did recently, due to all that’s been taking place–I just had to find out how he was viewing it all–and he said that, the Dr. who was first on the scene to treat the wounded Congresswoman, Giffords, bore the very same name as the Dr. in the story “2001 A Space Odyssey”, and the second story like it, called, “2010 The Year We Make Contact”–Dr. David Bowman! In fact, the way he links what happened in Tucson to the luciferian plans to ‘take over the world’–just astounded me–and, creeped me out!

    [“Amen. Even so, come, Lord Jesus.”[Rev. 22:20]

  4. Foxfier

    Religion of the victims– the judge and the littler girl were Roman Catholic. (and not of the sort that would give a pagan blessing) I halfway remember that the older man killed protecting his wife was also a Catholic.

    The guy the judge gave his life shielding was an old college friend, and the reason that he came up.

    Last I heard, his interview said that he remembered the judge coming up, they greeted each other warmly, he remembered saying something like “Oh, come meet her! She’ll be delighted to meet you!”– and that’s the last thing he remembers. He got shot, the judge tried to guide him out and interposed himself between his friend and the shooter.

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