P.I.D. Radio 11/16/10: Backscatter at Home


NAKED SCANNERS aren’t just for airports anymore! The Department of Homeland Security now owns 500 mobile X-ray vans that can see you while you drive or relax at home — through 14 inches of steel!

Speaking of DHS, questions are raised about the safety of its new biodefense lab. Also: “devil attack” at school in Trinidad, tensions between Nicaragua and Costa Rica, and EU fracturing over economic policy.

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  2. stellas

    Orisha is an African religion that’s steeped in witchcraft. I lived in Trinidad for 25 years before immigrating to the US. Trinidadians practice many different religions including Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Orisha/Spiritual Baptist (a blend of nominal Christianity with African cults). If the woman claimed to be an orisha then she was actually a witch and her threats would have been of a spiritual nature.

  3. Jac

    Sharon and Derek – you asked about stonehenge like structures folks know about. Here is a link to google maps for an area in Centerville Delaware settled and greatly populated by the Dupont family, one of the 13 bloodlines. Open this page and follow Way/Graves road to the right from the wide Y intersection about 1200 feet up Graves road. Then look to the right in the field behind the trees. You will see an S curved wall structure and right below this five lintled standing stones with a black stone alter in the center of them.

    If interested, you can also google map the Dupont Nemours mansion. On the bottom of the property directly across from the house and the pools (which are decorated with sea dragons, surprise!) is a temple to the false goddess Diana. It stands at the end of a grove. Imagine that!

    Happy hunting.


  4. Brian

    I subscribed to instapaper so that I could read your posts, but haven,t found any instructions on how to find them. help.

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