P.I.D. Radio 11/10/10: Chinese Payback


THE GOVERNMENT insists that the missile off the California coast Monday night was an airplane. It doesn’t take an expert, like the editor of defense publication Jane’s Missiles and Rockets, to see that the smoke trail wasn’t coming from a jet.

Sean Osborne at the Northeast Intelligence Network suggests a motive for the Chinese to want to launch a missile 35 miles from Los Angeles.

Also: Broward County, Florida locks down schools after vague threat; student violence in the U.K.; and Derek’s new column at HearkenTheWatchmen.com.

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  2. Christie C.

    HI Derek and Sharon–love these new half hour shows, and can’t get enough of listening to both of you–and, I know this might seem off-track, and far too conspiracy theory-style subject matter, but–this morning, on Fox and Friends, not only were the 3 hosts in exceptional exuberance, the reasons for which were unclear, one of the male hosts remarked that they had begun the program a whole “11 seconds” early–then, a few minutes later, he said they were now “22 seconds over”, which is 11+11–that, coupled with the date set for the release of that new movie called “Skyline” have been bothering me all day long, because they both smack so badly of the occult–the date for “Skyline” is set for December 7th–

    –which is the “date which will live in infamy”–and, added up, the numbers for that movie release date, when the name of December[10] replaces the actual place in which it is found on our calendar[12th month], is–17–and, isn’t 17 also occultically significant?–I’ve always heard it was, but not why–

    –so, due to things like that, and many more besides, I try and not watch too much of the news on the cable channels any longer, since all it seems to breed in me is anxiety over things I believe I see taking place, yet can do nothing about other than pray–but, that I do, anyway!
    Thanks so much, both of you,

  3. Derek Post author

    Hi, Kevin,

    Convincing except to the people who were actually there watching it. And it puzzles me that the FAA didn’t come forward right away with the US Airways Flight 808 explanation. Instead, the FAA reported that no pilots in the area reported anything unusual and that they didn’t see anything unusual on radar. Why not just add, “Oh, and the track of the contrail matches the flight path of Flight 808”?

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