P.I.D. Radio 10/11/10: The Announcement


THE FATHER has incarnated on Earth, according to the Miracle of Love cult. Warmed over gnosticism = a new revelation, apparently.

Also: health care reform passes first legal test; Al Qaeda threatens Ahmadinejad; and kids are encouraged to be SnapScouts and spy on Mom and Dad. And play along with us as we try to remember the names of famous actors and movies as we fall down a rabbit hole and struggle to get back on point!

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  2. John Gerson

    Sir Thomas More — A man for all seasons
    Responsible for the death of William Tyndale
    Prosecuted the Inquisition in England
    Served as a Vatican agent in a “protestant” regime
    Named the patron saint of politicians by John Paul II
    Celebrated in the annual Red Mass in Washington Deceit whence he smiles down on his temporal and spiritual emperor’s dream court: 6 Staunch RC and 3 compliant and sabbataen Jews.

    I used to think highly of him and the movie until I found it was propaganda and he was a vile person.

  3. Mark Blicharz

    Hey guys didn’t realize you were x-filers. Of note on the 10/13 alien encounter for wed.
    The production company for the x files is/was named “ten thirteen!”

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